Adding Mod Assets from Qubicle

The last livestream (the one that Tony hosted) was about modding and he demonstrated importing a model into the game as you would with a mod. But he exported the model from Qubicle as a qb file I believe. The option isn’t available in the free version of Qubicle. I’m wondering if that means that modders will have to purchase Qubicle in order to create new assets for the game. I know they talked about working with the developer of Qubicle, so maybe some workaround might be fixed up for modders.

In Tom’s livestream about the Mammoth animation he made it sound like we wouldn’t need to purchase Qubicle in order to mod so long as we were using animations already packaged in the game. That would be perfectly fine for most modders adding new characters, because I’m sure that the game will cover a wide variety of different creatures and animations.

But if we have to export the qb files just to add a new asset or even a recolor to the game, then I’m thinking we’ll have to purchase a license. (The export file might be a different extension and I might be incorrect, but whatever it was, during the livestream I opened Qubicle and checked to see if my free version would allow the export and it did not.)

I’m not complaining because I’m cheap either. I plan on purchasing Qubicle for multiple reasons. One being that I’m also a game artist. Second being that I really want to build mods for Stonehearth. This is just a concern for other modders who might not have the money or want to purchase the $40 license to be able to export.


Not at my pc so can’t check, but as far I remember .qd is not an export but a format you can save your qubicle model as ( save as dialog). But maybe I remember wrong…

You can use the save as dialogue but it is still an export into .qb (which is a binary form). Whether or not people have to buy Qubicle for modding will in the end come down to whether or not Radiant and Mindesk come to some arrangement, but I’ve bought it anyway as it’s a great program.

This has already been discussed, and the devs are in talks with the guys over at Minddesk about what can be done about this as currently you would have to buy a copy. If you’re looking to purchase it because you enjoy it and want to own it then I’d say go for it!

Otherwise you could just wait and see what happens in regards to different edtions or discounts for owners of Stonehearth.

I’ll just copy in some parts from around the forum regarding this:

Hey thanks for the information.

I did a quick search for any information before posting, but I guess it was too quick. I knew they were working together to come up with something, I just wasn’t sure if there was any more information on it.

Again, I believe modding at the moment would only require the $40 license, which is the one I plan on purchasing anyway, so this doesn’t really affect me.

I’m wondering if there’s a chance they’ll just sell some sort of modder’s kit for the game, or as a version of the game that will include a version of Qubicle necessary for exporting new assets.

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Weird, hadn’t noticed they changed anything. Before you had to buy the $80 version to export to qb files.