Qubicle Constructor 1.6 Stonehearth

A long time ago, which seems like forever, I purchased Qubicle Constructor 1.6 Stonehearth with the hope of doing some modding within Stonehearth. Unfortunately it never happened back then, but I’m getting back into Stonehearth, with my new YouTube channel & playing more in my spare time, and would like to ask please whether it’s still suitable to use for modding? I see Qubicle is now up to v3, but a Stonehearth edition isn’t available? Is that right?

Also, if I wanted to do more than just re-colouring of models, what else would I need? To animate them for example?

Also, other than the Twitch streams which Stonehearth do fairly often, where do I need to head to learn how to add models into the game, and code them correctly?

Thanks in advance.

For basic modelling (static models or simple animated ones like doors) it’s enough to have free tools like MagicaVoxel and Blender. If you’re going to create something more complex (like a creature), Qubicle would be of great help. You can still use Blender for animation though.
There is a startermod of GitHub to look into. You can also look at my “Boxes” mod to get an understanding of how simple animated objects are modded in (in my case it’s a chest).
If you’re interested in animation, google VoxelPirate’s channel on Youtube. He has great videos about animating for SH.

Seems like things have changed somewhat then, what with Blender and MagicaVoxel now being in the mix. Will have to take a look at them both as I’ve not used them before.
Thanks for the heads up regarding GitHub, your mod, and VoxelPirate’s channel.
Looks like I’ve got some research to do :slight_smile: