A start to modding

Hey guys ^^

As this is my first time posting here i want to say hi to everyone and ask you guys a question. I’ve been wanting to start modding this game when i saw some streams on Twitch. I wanted to starts small and add a deer to the game. Now my question is. What do i need to get started ? I know i need Qubicle to make the deer(or whatever i decide to make) but are there any other things i need. Also do i need to buy the Home edition, premium edition or would the basic edition be enough for me as I am a first year student in programming but I don’t want to buy something i’m not gonna need or not know how to use. I found Tim’s Post on the tutorial but that page didn’t work for me so i decided to call in the help of the community :smile:

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As a relatively new modder myself, truthfully, a deer as easy as it sounds, is in fact a bit overambitious. This is just from experience. If you really want to start basic, the best thing honestly is to take say the camp standard, and change the texture. Slightly more advanced, but still easy, is maybe making a unique chair. Currently I have no problem implementing stuff like banners and furniture, but I am attempting to add armor and weapons and this is where things are getting difficult. Animation makes modding a lot more complex and often will lead to bugs (for insance, all armor I make seems to cut people’s heads off and float 10 feet in front of them with ridiculous movement). Don’t buy the $40 qubicle if you are just going to mod. You need to find the 1.6 version of Stonehearth qubicle, it costs about $11 and works fine for modeling (specifically for stonehearth). Past that, a good thing I picked up is Sublime which is what the Radiant team uses. You could use notepad or notepad+ but sublime is much easier if you are used to the streams. As precaution (cause chances are you might break the game at least once), save a backup stonehearth file folder to your desktop or somewhere else for easy access and just for again, backup. Once you get good enough using those programs, you’ll need an animation program (forget which Tom uses) but practice with the simpler stuff first. Hope this helps!

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@Floppy if you want to start small, then this programm: StoneVox 3D - Community Voxel Modeler for StoneHearth might be a good choice, because its quite good AND its free. Good luck and have fun with modding.

If you are into creating your own models and animation… starting there is also not that difficult.

The adjustment of existing models is a good start. You just need Qubicle 1.6 Stoneheart Edition for that. You will learn how models are working in and how easy it is to replace an existing one with yours.

If you like that, I would continue by selecting an animal similar from what you see in the game, e.g. a dog, coyotee, wombat. It makes it easier vs. a deer because you will see faster results and you can re-use what is already there, like animations. This way you can replace an existing animal and see yours in the game. Still you only need Qubicle.

Finally you could start creating your own animations. For that I would suggest Blender as a tool. Although the devs are using Maya… Blender is for free and there is an Addon available which makes it more comfortable.

That could keep you busy for a week ot two…

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Thanks a lot ^^, i’ll try furniture first then. May i ask you where i can find this stoneheart version of Qubicle ? And i allready use sublime myself for HTML and others. And I’m not starting to even try to work with Max3D :smile: . But thanks again :blush:

Thanks, i will surely take a look at this.

Qubicle Shop They hide it, as they want to promote 2.0, but this version is just as good and much cheaper.

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Thanks for the link :smiley: I have to wait first till I get my salary, so i’m gonna use the program @Sebastian4948 suggested first to get a feel for modeling with voxels.

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My girlfriend made some pretty nice Moose and Deer models on here a while back, Moose's Modeling Menagerie

Assuming she still has the files, I imagine she’d be willing to cooperate.

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looks at the other frog, scowls, then walks away…


im almost tempted to give the title The Other Frog to them now… :laughing:

Looks at other frog and smiles to see some nice company on the forums


Wow those are some really good models :open_mouth: but it will be a while before I could work with here to animate them. But give it some time and maybe we could do some cool things ^^ .

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Ok, i started mod yesterday, cuz i cant build any awesome house! So game was just unplayabe.
So i decided make mod for Inhouse walls, Collumn tool, and building destruction button.

What you need to know if you want something like that:

  1. Javascript - for ingame UI, all the tools are in JS there, also it works some complicated way with ton of Childs, so bring some skills.

  2. LUA - eas to learn scripting language.

  3. Some GUI design exp - all the gui coded as HTML markup, so…

At this moment i can build walls in house, i can build single column, but still have problems with destruction, sad, but true…

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ok I found a new and free voxel editor called VoxelShop: VoxelShop | blackflux.com , its very easy to handle and it has more features than the other programm, it is able to export into all necessary qb files. :smile:

Did you find it here :

by any chance?

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@Floppy, I’d recommend to start by simple things like the others suggest, until you get the grasp of it. But you can start by more complex projects if you want, it’s just that as they take longer to make, it takes longer to see good results since you’ll be facing problems until you learn how to do it correctly, and you could get discouraged :sweat_smile:

P.S.: @Froggy, I’ve just finished watching yesterday’s stream and I can’t believe that you didn’t see the mixinto issue way before! :angry: Tsk tsk…

I get so frustrated when watching the archives, because I see all the typos the first time they write them but can’t do anything about it :cry:

On the other hand, I love Stephanie’s streams :heart_eyes:
Go, Team Radiant girls!


Thanks ^^ I know some Javascript but far from enough to put it to good use :smile: i’ll have to look into LUA to see how easy it is to learn. But I appreciate the help .

@Floppy You always welcome if need help.

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I do have a question, i wanted to start today on just editing some chair models in game, just to get the hang of things. I’m using Voxelshop as a start and will switch over to Qubicle later. I was just wondering if it’s possible if you can import Qb files into Voxelshop instead of export them ?