Modding Stonehearth: first steps

Hey guys, I just wrote a brief blog post about how to find and edit the voxel models in the Stonehearth Alpha package. Far from complete but I hope you will find it usefull!

Check out: Qubicle Constructor 1:Modding Stonehearth: First Steps - Minddesk Wiki

Happy new year and have fun with Qubicle!
(that minddesk guy who developed Qubicle)

(7/14/15. -sdee): You can also find a basic startermod for Stonehearth at our github repo here: GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_basic: A most basic starter mod to get you going!
Read the README and then use it to add your own craftable items to the game!
(7/30/15 -sdee) A startermod for items can now be found here: GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_items: a sample mod showing how to create different types of items
Add your own swords, shields, armor, and buffs to the game!


As always @Tim it’s a pleasure to see you around the place :slight_smile:

I’m going to pin this for the mean time as it’s definitely an extremely useful guide!

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Yep, it’s coming out soon and you can get it for a very good price. Thanks @Tim for all the hard work and making our modding dreams come true.

Since Qubicle 2 is still in the making I will setup a Qubicle 1 Stonehearth Edition coming out next week. It will offer most of the features of the Home Edition and cost $11. If you purchase a license you will get a free Steam redeem code to upgrade to Qubicle 2 Play Stonehearth once it is out (only if Qubicle 2 Play Stonehearth is greenlit). So you can say the grace period starts next week. Qubicle 2 is currently scheduled for release in March.

Features not included in Qubicle 1 Stonehearth Edition:

All exporters except for the QB exporter
Landscape generator
Heightmap importer

For more info go here.

tim just posted this here

but what i dont get is if its without the qb exporter does it not defeat the purpose of being a stonehearth edition
or is it just to make animaiton with obj

i didnt seem right to close your thread, as you had made yours before @Tim’s … so, hows about a merge instead? :smile:

I love the batch file. Although I already did it so many times I can do it by muscle memory, this is more convenient.

Correct me if I’m wrong. But it will have the QB exporter. I think the confuses comes from this line.

Features not included in Qubicle 1 Stonehearth Edition:

All exporters except for the QB exporter. Which means it will have QB exporter. I think to avoid any more confusion. It should say something like, “Feature included in Qubicle 1 Stonehearth Edition is QB exporter”.

Let us come together as one.

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Sorry for the double negation.
I wanted to say it has only the qb exporter.
Wouldn’t make any sense the other way around, would it? :wink:


@Skull24 @Tim sorry my bad should have read it more carefully, so sorry i kinda skimmed it too fast again my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

I (like many others) can’t wait to see what Qubicle 2 as in store for us. @SquareGabe It’s cool we’ve all been their.

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nothing better then a healthy does of looking like a fool (of a Took)

Yes the many are excited for the next Qubicle and what i’m most excited about it is to see what people will make with it

Hey @voxel_pirate is their a way to change the number of people you start with? Also, I found some files about hunting, and defending. Their is also a wolf file and if you kill it you can gain some items. Have you found these files and is their a way to activate them so we can see it in action?

if know the starting people are in the new_game_handler, also there is a nightly wolf attack event dont know how to implement it or create a mammoth entity sorry in know im am not voxel pirtate just wanted to contribute even though he knows far more than me :wink:

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Thank you for the info. I’m still looking into it. Every time I try to change something in the game files. The game will not start and I have no idea why.

Check the error log. It will be in the same folder as Stonehearth.exe and should be called something like stonehearth.log. It’s updated every time you attempt to run the game, tell us what it says and we might be able to help.

I’m wondering does anyone know how to add an entity, what would be the easiest way i think i would be with the founding characters put it places civs i was wondering more along the line of mammoth

If they’ve still got the rabbit code just copy paste that and modify to suit, it’s what I did in the graphics test. If they haven’t then anything else should work too, it’s just that it’s probably to avoid mixins you’re not sure of. I can do more detail if you want though.

i havent seen the rabbit code since there are no rabbits in alpha 1 have you ?

in the graphics test they auto created a entity using the micro world luac file now they make the entity once the banner is place is there another way to spawn in an entity cause id love me some mammoth