Qubicle Constructor 1.6 Stonehearth Edition


Yep, it’s coming out soon and you can get it for a very good price. Thanks @Tim for all the hard work and making our modding dreams come true.

Since Qubicle 2 is still in the making I will setup a Qubicle 1 Stonehearth Edition coming out next week. It will offer most of the features of the Home Edition and cost $11. If you purchase a license you will get a free Steam redeem code to upgrade to Qubicle 2 Play Stonehearth once it is out (only if Qubicle 2 Play Stonehearth is greenlit). So you can say the grace period starts next week. Qubicle 2 is currently scheduled for release in March.

Features not included in Qubicle 1 Stonehearth Edition:

All exporters except for the QB exporter
Landscape generator
Heightmap importer

For more info go here.

Modding Stonehearth: first steps
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