Someone Help Me Mod

I bought the game less than a week ago and I’ve been playing it frequently. I have tons of mods i downloaded from other creators but I would like to be a creator myself. I’ve been googling tutorials but everyone is saying different things. Can someone sum it up with legit information as well as links to programs. I’m familiar with using software to create music and maps.
I could go on forever about what I would create. In the end it will come down my ability to make stuff. If I’m successful I will post my creations.


There’s some posts here in the discourse that cover some simple or complex modding,
Here’s one

A good way of starting modding is to open and study existing mods, .smod is just a .zip renamed for the game, so you can rename it to a zip to open and study it,

I believe that simple modding like furniture or armour is pretty simple to mod so thoes might be a easy start

Stuff like animals, enemies and jobs are more complicated than just some furniture, and there isn’t that many examples you can find(except jobs, there’s some amount of those), but it isn’t too complex, so i think people can handle it

You use Qubicle constructor(or whatever it’s called now in steam), to model the models, and use blender and it’s add-on to animate them if necessary (i can’t provide links since this is on mobile, hope somone els can do it for me)

Neat that you can make music though! We really lak in modders capable ot composing or sound editing, i for one am a modeler and animator and artist of a modder

May i ask if you’d be interested in helping me out on some sound stuff?

Edit: i’ll page some modders to help, but I honestly suggest that you search the discourse first, since this is gonna get kinda repeated for them otherwise
@8BitCrab @Avairian @Relyss @Wiese2007


you forgot the modding support himself, @Drotten :wink:

as i’ve mentioned in the past, while i can do basic modding stuff, i’m horrible at explaining it… so i’ll leave this up to Drotten and the rest…

Ah, i did not forget his presence!
I simply owe him too many favors that i am hesitant to summon him!


@R34P3R28, I’d recommend to start with the easy things until you have enough knowledge about the structure of the game.

Here GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_basic: A most basic starter mod to get you going! and here GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_items: a sample mod showing how to create different types of items are some basic mods that you can modify to learn to add entities like furniture, decoration, armor, with their recipes.

Change the .smod extension to .zip and extract the folder to see the files of the game. You can study how the different parts of the game are and try to add your own versions on your own mod.

So far people is able to add new biomes, new races, new monsters (and encounters), new craftables, new jobs, modify the UI… But some things are tricky than others, and / or still need more modding support to avoid overriding files.

About programs, you’ll need some voxel editor for making the models (like Qubicle or MagicaVoxel), a 3D program (like Blender or 3DS Max) if you plan to add animations, and of course, a text editor.


Thanks everyone, I will do my best and give modding a try.If there’s anything I need help with I will post here.

Are there any free (value and virus wise) text editors?

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i use sublime, which can be “downloaded and evaluated” for free, there’s currently no time limit to the evaluation… but if you use sublime and like it, you should probably be nice and purchase it to support those who are developing it…

If you’re going to edit .json, I highly recommend Notepad++. It’s free. The latest version has json syntax highlighting. Alternative color scheme can be picked here:

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I can’t say much about modding, but if you’re looking for a text editor give Atom a try. It’s free and built/used by the guys behind GitHub.

I am currently using MagicaVoxel and Sublime. I’m making ore golems that when killed will drop lots of ore depending on the type of golem it is (iron, gold, etc).

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I would also like to suggest voxelshop. I use MagicaVoxel to create my voxels as I find its UI easier to use for that. Voxelshop is great for making sure your voxels are centered and facing the correct way.

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You can have a look through Bastioneers mod. If you have questions on particular aspects of modding I’ll probably be able to help you out, and I’d love to try :slight_smile:

Does magicaVoxel support matrixes?
If you need animating (say, your model is unique from any other in the game and you re-use any animations and skeletons) you need matrixes

If it doesn’t then you’ll have to purchase Qubicle(or, again, whatever it’s called in steam) and use it, since matrixes are absolutely essential for animation

Stuff for blender is free, so don’t worry on that part(though animating itself may be a little challenging)

no it doesn’t (it’s one downside)

actually, there is a free alternative to qubicle, voxelshop, it supports multi-matrix things, it’s what i use for my armor and such. and while i used to have a few problems with it, since i updated to the latest version all those problems seem to have disappeared.


I’ve downloaded Voxelshop, should i discontinue the use of MagicaVoxel if I like Voxelshop better? Or is there certain benefits from the programs?

As i mentioned eralier, you NEED a program that supports multiple matrixes in order to animate a creature otherwise you’d be stuck with a static object moving (no limbs or separately moving parts)

So you need a program that has that feature
With each moving part having its own matrix

It’s possible to use programs with no matrix support if you’re making something super simple that doesn’t need anything moving independently from one another like how the poyo babies are

But you need something like qubicle or voxelshop to make something even moderately complex

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I was searching and studying other mods and I came across humans and monsters and noticed that they’re arms and occasionally hands would be a separate limb, unattached to the body. Is that necessary for all models?

I’m in the process of a mod, Ore Golems. I have created them with VoxelShop. I noticed there were layers like Photoshop, a software I am familar with. I used the layers (Legs, Head, and Body) as a way to separate the parts, in case they are to be tampered with later on.

multiple matrixes are only required for things that need animations, so stuff like armor, creatures, etc.

anything that is static, like chairs, weapons, etc. do not need multiple matrixes.


Is it necessary for human/monster models to have floating/unattached limbs? Or is that just to make the animations look smooth?

if you’re making custom anims i don’t believe it matters, but i know next to nothing about animating so @Hyrule_Symbol will need to confirm that