VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)

Hello artsy people!

Over the last years I have written a voxel editor called VoxelShop in my free time. Features are still being added, but there is already a lot you can do!

-> Click here for more info

Looking forward to seeing your creations and your feedback! I’m very confident this is something you’ll love!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How do I modify *.qb files?
    to come

  • How do I create models (*.dae) for StoneHearth?
    to come

Thank you!


Interesting and nice work. Might be another option for people who want to mod the hell out of Stonehearth.

Do I see it right that the only format you are supporting so far is COLLADA? If yes, this will be a showstopper I fear.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yes, atm it’s only COLLADA. I’m actively developing this, so expect other formats very soon.

Edit: Added .binvox importer (more formats are coming!)

Edit2: For updates you can follow me on twitter @whiteflux.

The animation option sounds very interesting (not having worked with VoxelShop). If you would support the formats used in relation to Stonehearth, i.e. .qb from Qubicle Constructor, .json for Skeletons and Animations, this could be quite interesting.

In addition… it is a free tool at the moment, right? Any plans for paid editions?

I’m investigating formats at the moment. This should be fun! =)
Hoping to have a *.binvox importer ready today at least.

No, this is a hobby. I have no plans to charge money for it.

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look cool cant wait tell you add more .

hey there @flux… i hope you dont mind, but i’ve embedded your image directly into the message…

and i have to say, looks great! :+1:

i’ll visit the site and take a closer look later this afternoon…

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Thanks @Steve!

I wasn’t able to do that since I am apparently “new” here (probably not enough posts?).

PS: Very much looking forward to people testing and giving me feedback here!

Wow. I’m impressed. Great job! Are you planning on selling it or just making it free and open source?

Hey, can you put up a demo video for VoxelShop? I want to see how it’s like before downloading it.

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Ah. Will it be open source? Aso, what language is it written in?

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Looks great!

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Its written in java, (you can tell because it is using .jar files and references jre.)

It also says its in java in the read-me.

Releasing the source code is something I was thinking about already. There are some pros and cons though. What I do have is a fail-save already. So if something happens to me the project will go open source.

And I will create a video once the animation part is fully implemented. Until then you’ll have to wait.

Btw: If you’re worried about “installing”. This doesn’t install anything on your OS. It will just sit in it’s folder and you can delete that and all is gone.

I hope you did not leak too much sensitive infomation :smile:.
But in all seriousness, this looks really neat.


I can’t wait to try it!

I found a viewing quirk:


Yeah, that’s what you’ll get if you zoom into the geometry =)

It’s… interesting.

It shows the culling that the engine does and also that every object is “hollow”.