StoneVox 3D - Community Voxel Modeler for StoneHearth

StoneVox 3D


StoneVox 3D is a 3d voxel based modeler specifically for Stonehearth.

The focus is on simple UI but feature rich modeling environment. I’ve tried, though I’m no artist ;), to capture the UI design and style of StoneHearth to make something that is familiar with the average player. My goal of this project is to open the door for users who are interested in modding the game. I’d love to see the modding community continue to grow as the development of StoneHearth continues on, and eventually see a strong enough modding environment where even users with no programming experience are adding content to the game.

Feature List

  • Per Voxel and By Volume Voxel Editing
  • Multi-Model support (more than one file open at a time)
  • Mutli-Matrix Support for supporting StoneHearth Animations
  • Rendering models to .png for Thumbnails
  • Undo and Redo
  • An Awesome Color Selection tool based on RGB/HSV conversions
  • Multiple Viewing Grid Options
  • Basic Support for Moving Matrices Around
  • Nice Camera Transitions While Selecting Matrices :wink:

Supported File Types

  • Importing/Exporting of .svp
  • Importing/Exporting of .qb
  • Exporting of .obj (will be removed in the future)

Planned Features - only the start

Long Term Goals

  • Quality of Life Features (continuous work)
  • Basic Modding Support
  • Basic Animation Support :slight_smile:

Currently Looking into

  • Implementing Importing (merging) and then extending Importing to include loading .qb’s from .smods
  • Overall Extending Opening and Saving Options
  • Better Ways of storing used Colors
  • Secret :wink:


  • Per Voxel and Per Volume Selection tool
  • 3DSMax inspired primitives modeling tool (create basic shapes to start with)
  • 3DSMax inspired modifier stack (ie mirror modeling, model one side, copied to other automatically)
  • Undo and Redo cross all program actions, ie renaming matrices etc
  • Advanced modeling tools such as Extrude and Bevel
  • Bounding box display
  • Multiple Viewport support (split program window up into 4 different views, top, left, right ,ect)
  • Different brush support
  • Mac and Linux Support


Build 3126 is available at my GitHub

Requires .NET 4.0

If your running Windows 8.0+, you already have .NET 4.0 installed on your computer, you are good to go and enjoy StoneVox.

For those running Windows 7 and below

  • More than likely you already have .NET 4.0 installed but there is a chance it isn’t.
  • You can download it here from Microsoft.

Mac and Linux Support

Not supported yet. Platform choice does matter to me though. I am currently considering starting to work towards support, but nothing is final. Feel free to contact me though, as this will help me gauge it’s need :wink:


I’d like to say thanks to anyone who has currently checked out the project. If you have an interest in contributing to the project here is the git.

Right now the project has no documentation of any sort, and has a lot of place holder code. So if you have any questions I will be more than glad to assist you and take any feedback you may have.

Thanks for you consideration.


Though StoneVox is starting to come together, this is very much an incomplete program as of now, except issues to some degree. There could be something I did that breaks everything, give me sometime and feedback and I’ll get it working.

  • If you experience a crash feel free to post it here, please list steps to reproduce, operating system. In some cases the command window will detail information that will help me figure out what went wrong. Be sure to post it.

That being said, I’m always glad to hear your thoughts on the project, and am very much open to criticisms :slight_smile:

Moving Forward

As you can probably tell I have a lot of plans for StoneVox. My feature list will continue to grow with peoples ideas and my own.You can never say what the futures holds, as excited I am now there will come a time when I don’t work on StoneVox anymore. What is left is the community, and that is why StoneVox will be open source. Feel free to join me in development or even just ask me some questions.

Before working on StoneVox I’d never implement UI controls on my own or done more technical things like raycasting, but I’ve learned a lot and now I just looking forward.

Big thanks to Radiant Entertainment for creating such a great game, and running a very honest transparent business.

Also big thanks to Jamie King, a youtuber who’s videos helped along the way when it came to OpenGL. If your interested here is a link to his channel.


Thanks for you time


looking good :thumbsup:


Looks epic!!! and its free yay!!! thank you so much!


really impressive work @honestabelink … well done! :smile: :+1:

is that a proprietary file type for Qubicle Constructor? are there any potential “issues” with providing this ability?


I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but I could be wrong, there are several other voxel editors which support .qb files, also the “how to decode qb” info if freely available on the minddesk website. Though this may be meant for game designers.

I think .qmo and the new .qbcl are the ones which are a no-go when it comes to file types.


This is a good point to bring up,

It is to my understanding Minddesk designed the file format, so I’d assume they maintain the final say, though it could be an open file format. In the end I’d never hold any bad feels towards Minddesk if they pull the plug on this.

@chimeforest is correct there are several voxel editors for pc that are free software that can produce .qb files, this of course does not give me the ok just because others are doing it.

Here’s a link to a discussion between Tim Wesoly and another voxel editor developer over adding support of .qb files to his own voxel editor for IOS called “Voxel”.

Heres a link to Tom discussing what software they’re using for StoneHearth, he brings up the ideas for open source alternatives to Qubicle Constructor that they could adopt, though this was before the agreement over Qubicle Constructor StoneHearth Edition was reached.

Some quick notes on Qubicle Constructor, modelling, and animating:

Despite these facts, Minddesk still might maintain the authority to say no, just not peruse it.

I hope I can continue work on StoneVox 3D, it has been a great time and I enjoyed learning. That being said though, I have plenty of projects I want to work on, some for StoneHearth some for others. I’m just an enthusiastic hobbyist at heart, who enjoys StoneHearth and saw a chance to help the modding community grow.

If anyone from Minddesk wants to discus anything with me feel free to send me a PM or leave a comment.

Thanks for your time


Cool! Easy enough to use, hope to see what’s in store for us in the next release :smiley:

Some suggestions:

  • Undo button - its easy to overshoot when laying blocks and have to switch back and forth between tools.
    EDIT: Yeah… I can;t read. I realise this is already on your todo list

  • An easier way to change the colours on the palette? Or some basic instructions, it took me a minute to figure out!

Thanks for making this!

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Great, glad everything is working and thanks for the feedback, I’ll add tooltips and tips to the planned features. Yeah, the color selector underwent a last minute overhaul. I originally was going to release with just rgba sliders.
Right now there are plenty of missing features that need my attention, but just to let you know undo/redo is pretty high on the list :smile:.


Oh, no, the X-Y picker thing is great, I just didn’t have the mental capacity at the time to think of double clicking on the colour I wanted to change. Doh!

I would however suggest 0-255 RGB and/or hexadecimal codes though, for being able to write down the colours used if we’d like to make a set of items in the same colour scheme.

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Sounds really great! I’ve just have tried to run your voxel editor and it starts up but i sadly only get a white window (running latest java build on OSX 10.7.5). :white_medium_small_square: :anguished: I will test it on Windows later on…

Anyway keep up the great work!

I could see color palette export/import being a thing :smile: . This might be available next release, we’ll see.

OSX is on the to do list, I’m currently using some Windows only features to cheat some things in. That being said platform choice does mean a lot to me, so I definitely support both OSX and Linux in the future. As of now my focus is on adding features that are missing from program. Once everything is in a good spot, I’ll get to work on each platform.


Its an open source file format

Can I get a link to your source, just keep in mind even though the format is released does not mean it’s not protected against producing it. As @chimeforest pointed out, the source here Data_Exchange_With_Qubicle_Binary would be just used by developers for reading it.

I would also like to see this a link to the source. Just because you can find it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free.

Perhaps we should tag someone from Minddesk and get an official statement?


I’ll go to the Minddesk forum and start a topic. I’ll link the it here for anyone who wants to take a look.

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Pretty cool stuff. I can’t wait to see what great things come from this. =)

Im sure i remember him mentioning taht it is an opensource file format. It is one of teh more popular ones too, as in MOST voxel editors support it. Im sure your fine.

I belive there was an issue with animation though,
I was here when this debate surfaced awhile back.

paging @Tim:smiley:


Version 0.0.21 is live, I will always detail release info in the original topic post at the top. Have fun :smile:


Version 0.0.3 is available for download, more detailed feature list can be found above with the original topic post.

Short Break Down

  • Changes to controls
  • Camera controls are as follows
    • Right Click to orbit
    • Middle Mouse to pan
    • Alt + Right Click free look
    • WASD movement
  • When using the Brush Tool Alt + Left Mouse will pick any color from the Scene
  • When using the Add Tool Alt + Left Mouse will pick any color from the Scene
  • Additional Controls
  • Temporary P key to export color palette

New Features

  • Render Scene to .png

  • Added multisampling

  • Split the edit tool into two separate tools

  • Added keyboard shortcut’s for the various tools

  • Improved camera orbiting

  • Improved color hue

  • Import and export of color palette, P key for export, drag and drop to load.

Feel free to give your opinions on any of the changes or features you would like to see in the next release.

Thanks for you time

Edit :

I’d like to say thanks to anyone who has currently checked out the project. If you have an interest in contributing to the project here is the git.

Right now the project has no documentation of any sort, and has a lot of place holder code. So if you have any questions I will be more than glad to assist you and take any feedback you may have.

Thanks for your consideration.