Which one is the best free voxel editor for starter?

I am new to making mods. Basically I want make decorative items. I’m not interested in making animations or buffs or any complicated stuff. Just simple decorative items. I can see that there are a lot of voxel editors around. Since this is my first time in modding so I have no idea which one is the best to get started. As I mentioned that I want to add simple decorative items so I am looking for an editor which has easy controls and free of cost. I hope the modding community will help me by giving suggestion about it so that I can contribute some mods to my most favorite game ever.


Free, supports multiple matrices. Looks less refined, less user-friendly interface.

Free, does not support multiple matrices, but does look better, more refined. Has a nice render option.


I hope I’m not asking a simple question! But I have to.
What is multiple matrices? When do I need multiple matrices? Is it really that much important in creating decorative simple items?

When creating simple decorations, not really, no. Multiple Matrices means you can have multiple “layers” of voxels, that are separate from others, but still part of the model. You need it for making animations.

It also helps if you want to combine two Models into one. Because they’ll be imported as two layers, and then you can merge them together.

That’s good to know. And the MagicaVoxel sounds the best option for me. Thanks so much for the replies.

I like to build pieces in magicavoxel then use quibicle to merge parts as needed

There is also StonVox:

Which is a really simple to use editor that supports multi matrix models.