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Behold the Common Nightingust:

A rare flower found only in elven forests beside enchanted pools. It blooms only at night during the summer and can only be harvested while it is in bloom. When the wind blows past the blossom, sparkles of pollen are carried away.
The flower is an important ingredient in many elven drinks and healing potions =]

Just a little something I threw together :smile:

I noticed a couple bugs/things which might be improved:

  • There is no render bound for me to grab to resize the png
  • Sometimes when editing a matrix the tool will select the face which is pointing away from me, instead of the face which the mouse is on.
  • It’d be nice if the current color was highlighted
  • Also an eyedropper tool would be cool =D

Over all it looks like it’s coming along nicely; Good work! :smiley:

EDIT: Just noticed that your 0.0.3 pic has a png bounding box and currently selected color.
My OS is Windows8.1 x64. if you need any other info or screenshots just let me know.

Also, do you use an IDE, if so which one?


@chimeforest Great work, with a great story. :wink:
Thanks for the feedback

Could I get your display resolution, graphics card, java version? If you don’t mind, I’d like if you could PM me this info, as there might be some back and forth discussion needed as I try to work out the issue.

Currently I’m using Eclipse, Eclipse Downloads, I have not programmed much in java but Eclipse has very good.

It appears like your graphics card does not support a command I’m using, though I’m most likely wrong.

As of now the gui code in rendered between -1,-1 to 1,1. It could when attempting to scale the lined border width on things the value is so small that opengl says no go.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

As of now Alt + Left click will pick any color from the screen, but would guess a full tool, selectable icon and all, would be great for people. I’d probably put the icon right below the color palette, I’ll add it to the feature list. :smile:

I’m very aware of this, and it must have been a nightmare trying to make the Common Nightingust :wink: . I’ve spent time trying to fix it, but with no avail. I’ll revisit this again now as I know it’s something that is very frustrating.


No problem, I’ll sent them to you as soon as I’ve gathered the information. :wink:

Eclipse is good and very popular, I often flip between it and netbeans (not on the same project of course ^^;)
I think I have eclipse installed on my computer, I might go digging through the code for fun =P

It wasn’t so bad, mostly because I was just playing around getting used to the program, however I could see how it would get really annoying over a period of time. ^^;

Turns out it was the graphics card which was messing it up. It was running on the integrated graphics instead of my good one. So Nvidia can render squares, but Intel HD can not


Glad it was something simple.

I believe the issue lies in how glLines is carried out. Your Intel HD may not support it.

I’ll adjust the code to compensate for this.

Thanks @chimeforest for your time :wink:

Got to love what happened to my formatting when pushed to GitHub :confounded:

Fixed formatting :wink:


Version is now live.

This is a small patch to address how the program decides what cube face the mouse is over. The new code is much more accurate, so you shouldn’t experience issues anymore.


Yay, It works much better now, thank you :smile:


Version 0.0.4 is now live at my github.

New Features

  • undo/redo for current tools
  • custom cursors for current tools


  • Shift + scroll mouse wheel : change selected color
  • Shift + middle mouse button : open/close color picker
  • Ctrl + z : undo
  • Ctrl + y : redo


  • added a grid to easily see the center point for the render scene tool

Thanks for your time

Side Note
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving :slight_smile: . I’m going to be tied up with things for the next week or so. Don’t expect too much from me till then. Afterwards I will be right back on the project. :wink:


This looks like a cool editor may have to give it a try :wink:. I will give feedback and bugs I stumble across here! Can’t wait to try it out.


I have a question. How do you open up your .qb files with the program. is there an import function?


Yes, importing .qb files is currently done via drag and drop, simply select any file you have drag it over the programs window and release, everything should load just fine.

If you have any other concerns feel free to ask :wink:

Thanks for checking out the project


Dude thanks a lot I may be using this program in the future :smiley:


Version 0.0.5

Now available for download at my github, as always I will go into more depth in the original topic post, but here’s a quick summary of the changes.


  • file loading up to 5x faster
  • 1/3 times faster raycasting
  • matrix updates up to 10x faster!

Code Refactoring

  • +11,000 lines of code where changed

Other thoughts

Overall this is a good step in the right direction, the new code is cleaner, more flexible, and a lot faster. This should allow me to start working on areas of the program I’ve been holding off on, ie editing more than one voxel at a time, selection tool, bevel and extrude tools, ect.

Just for kicks, I took screenshots various problems I had when re-writting parts of the program. Here’s a collection some of the one’s that gave me some trouble figuring out what was going wrong.

All 3 a photos of the dining_tablel

So I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the aches of my development time on StoneVox 3D ;). As always feel free to leave any thoughts you have on the project.

Thanks for your time and interest in the project :wink:


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say the project is back in motion again after quite some time. :wink:

I’ve tried to become more active in the community, not just in my own work, and I’m really glad with the outcome so far. :slight_smile:

We have such a great community here, backed by an amazing game, with truly one of the best transparent honest companies I think I have every seen.

So I’m back on this, what does that mean?

The Game Plan

StoneVox is lacking in a lot of productivity features. Being able to create volumes of voxels, instead of just of placing them one by one by one. Basic shapes to get started with to help speed up the initial start of a new project, the ability to select and move groups of voxels around, .qb file merging, ect.

Basically anything that will speed up the modeling process will be what I’m shifting my focus to.

Thanks again for your time :slight_smile:



If you are interested in joining a group of developers who make open-source software and don’t take themselves too seriously, send me a PM! :smiley: You look like an experienced coder and it would be great to have you in on the party!

If you want to see some of our work, go to! There hasn’t been activity there for a while, but trust me - we’re working on something big. Its just not ready to hit the spotlight! :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: We also have a royal mess of a website, which I haven’t really had much time to edit! :stuck_out_tongue:


Super Side Note…

I’ve decided to join someone in making a mod for Stonehearth. Currently we are in the very early stages of development, so don’t expect anything too soon ;). But never the less, my time is going to be split between StoneVox and the other project.

New releases for StoneVox will come just not as quickly. :wink:


I used StoneVox 3D build a mod .but it has offset phenomenon.
It was chair (13_13_15) .Like arch_backed_chair only take one square.
But mine take 4 square.
How can I solve this problem,please~
Sorry, I can not upload images. :sob:


Thanks for using StoneVox :slight_smile:

I’m leaving the house right now, but I’ll be back later in a couple of hours. Like 4-6 hours.

In the meantime…

What do you mean by, “Like arch_backed_chair only take one square.But mine take 4 square”.

Link it on imgur, or something.


You can see my Profile Background and User Card Background .Maybe you can know it


Ohh, I see :wink:

Nice idea with the Profile Background and User Card Background.

I’ve added a second save button which corrects this issue. Please re-download StoneVox to get the update.

Using the new save button I was able to correct the issue during my testing. If this does not solve the problem let me know. I’ll be glad to help you solve it. :slight_smile:


This will be removed and replaced in the future with something better… :wink:


Thank you very much .I do it successfully! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I will continue to support you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: