What is a good name for my 3d Voxel Modeler for Stonehearth :)

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent the last month or so working on a 3D voxel modeling tool for Stonehearth. I am just about ready for the first release (week or so) and am trying to come up with a catchy name.

Current Features

  • written in Java with LWJGL/OpenGL (future cross platform possible Mac users)
  • importing of .qb files
  • basic (per voxel) editing
  • basic (per voxel) painting
  • basic color selection for painting
  • free, no commercial restrictions (make .qb files for your own game or whatever)

Before Release

  • exporting .qb files (should not take too long)
  • text rendering (OMG, should take the longest depending on if I implement it myself or use third party)
  • minor UI improvements (done in a day)
  • error checking/bug hunting (so far so good, fingers crossed)
  • minor improvement to the lighting system (done in a day)

The program is very much in the theme of Stonehearth, though I am definitely not an artist of any sort :), and has everything you should need to get started making 3D models for the game. I have big plans for the modeler so except support and updates constantly going forward after the first release.

To me programming is my passion and I believe you should do what you love. In the time I’ve spent on this project I’ve learned so much and am grateful I can contribute something to the community here.

Thanks for your time

Update : Nov, 14

Just figured I’d update anyone watching the thread. I have been working hard on the project and it’s just about ready for the release, (1-3 days), so I should meet my time frame.

Thanks for your patience and interest


JVoxeler, I suck at thinking of names >.<
Will the program be open source? I code in java myself and am interested in how programs work :smiley:

I have qubicle constructor myself. But I fully support this voxel modeler.

I cant think of a catchy name atm :hurtrealbad:


hey there @honestabelink … sounds great! :smiley: :+1:

is this tool somehow “specific” to Stonehearth?

  • VoxMod
  • StoneVox
  • StoneVoxler

Stonehearth Voxelnator?

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I saw the post and that is exactly the first thing that came to mind, including a voxelized Terminator


<words words words, how come theres so many, but I cant find any, WOOOOOOORDS words.>

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Sounds great! Voxelhearth? Stonevoxel? I’m hoping this will run natively under Linux, as Stonehearth is also eventually suppose to. If you need a Linux beta tester, let me know. :smile:

Qticle … :laughing:


In the future there is a good chance, as of the first release you can easily view the entire source through any decent Java decompilier. JDGUI is a great one I’ve used a few times.

Being so early into development process a lot of features and aspects of the program need to be refactored or even gutted and replaced with something more extendable. Once I’m confident in the software and have a really good grasp on core features I’ll open it up.

This would be great, thank you. LWJGL has natives for Linux too. Though I can’t say how things will go without having ever used them before. But platform choice means a lot to me, so I will definitely let you know when I’m ready.

Yes very much so, from artwork to functionality. This is the start of a line of development tools specifically for Stonehearth. My hope is to eventually have a solid enough modding environment where those even with no programming experience can still add items to game. I think this is very much possible do to all the work the dev’s at RadiantEntertainment have put into the modding environment already. But I’ll get more into depth on this in future posts.

I really like the sound of it :smile:

StoneVox - Voxel based modeler for Stonehearth

It’s got to be said… this made me laugh thanks.


Vox-el-o-tron or perhaps the Supreme Voxel Compiling Compositor - SVCC!

What are the plans as far as animation goes? I can imagine cutting out Blender in the workflow would make it a lot easier for modders to get into making custom animations, particularly considering how simple most of the animations are in Stonehearth.

I’d have to say this one’s a winner.


I’m not sure that’s on the table… is it? I agree though that having some “simple” animation options baked in would make lots of modelers very happy! :wink:

:smile: :+1:


Thanks for pointing this out.
I’m imaging full animation support at sometime, along the lines of key frame animation, but maybe at some point FK or even IK if enough people want it. I’ll go more into depth about planned features moving forward after the first release of “StoneVox” :smile: .

I agree :smile:

Yes it would, it’s also very typical of modeling software.

I don’t want to jump ahead of myself but these posts made me think of it now. How cool would it be to be able to create particle effects, like the camp fire, from inside the modeler. Being able to visualize them and adjust speed and other properties.


If baked in animations came about to pass it would make me a super-duper happy modder :smile: