Random amature voxel making post

I do not know what I am doing wrong.

If anyone has the time to look this over and let me know where I am going wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

I have tried to make a mod. I have validated everyone of my .json at http://jsonlint.com/
but I still can not get the items to appear in the crafting menu. I have looked over tons of smod threads, made sure my .png were 300x300, double checked all my naming conventions. Tried running it as a single mod but to no avail.

bathandmore.zip (269.1 KB)

thank you for your time.

The log had this to say:
2016-05-16 15:34:06.666997 | server | 1 | resources | error looking for manifest in bathandmore: file not found

I have the manifest.json so I do not know what it is not finding.

This article was very helpful

When I downloaded your mod, and then extracted it, for some reason there were multiple bathandmore folders. Like /mods/bathandmore/bathandmore/bathhandmore. Make sure that it’s /mods/bathandmore that your manifest and other folders are in.

By the by, while I was investigating, I caught some typos in your actual manifest. In your carpenter recipe mixinto, you have “bathandmore/jobs/carpenter/ recies /recipes.json”. Add in the P. And for all of your aliases, you left out the second I in entites. After fixing those I was able to run it with no problem.

Edit: To be clear, I deleted the extra “bathandmore” folders and that fixed the mod not loading.


thank you so much, I knew I needed another pair of eyes because I keep overlooking those typos, Now I can start working on scale and placement. plus fixing my pngs

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shameless self-insertion
There’s a palette at the end of post #1. The colors actually correspond with those from other SH models.
There’s also a nice tool to generate similar hues from a single input color. Very useful for wood/stone shading.

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well I am getting closer with all yall’s help

I can now place them but the iconic version are HUGE, I will now make an actually iconic .qb

here is the lastest version. bathandmore.zip (183.3 KB)


I am still having some issues with my items being slightly above the ground. I read @Tuhalu positioning guide and

and tried using @flux VoxelShop to reposition the .qb image

I am thinking it has to do with the “z” axis but I don’t know how to adjust it with the .json file or what I need to do with the voxel editors to adjust it.

This my third incarnation. All four items are craftable and placeable but are not flush with the ground
bathandmore.zip (171.4 KB)

hmm… would you be able to provide me with the mod so i can check out the files and see whats wrong?

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I was just adding it as you posted

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alright, in the ghost.json files change this,

            "model_origin": {
                "x": -0.1,
                "y": -0.5,
                "z": -0.5

to this,

            "model_origin": {
                "x": -0.1,
                "y": 0,
                "z": -0.5

it was just the y axis being set to -0.5 that was making them float.

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Thanks I am still trying to learn all this stuff. Making the voxels, doing the jsons and trying to scale things can be tedious. I have come to a greater appreciation for those that make the mods I have been using. :smiley:

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I have now added the mod to the Praise Database http://praisedb.x10.bz

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The next thing I will try to add is the magical towel rack.

It will convert wet towels into dry one or just store dry ones for convenient use.

towel_rack.qb (33.0 KB)


ok made some updates to the mod, version 3.1 on http://praisedb.x10.bz

Still having issues with the i18n working correctly, it display fine on the item but the recipe is showing the bathandmore:jobs:… stuff instead of the correct name and flavor. I think I have a spelling deficiency.

but I am starting to like the scale of the items, as modeled by Ollen the bloodthirsty.

two more items that I am going to try to add.

a simple decorative wheel barrel to place next to farm plots.
simple_wheelbarrel.qb (29.1 KB)

and a large couch.
large_couch.qb (14.8 KB)


oh man, i love this one!

I have no idea what I am doing wrong with the i18n text, the placed item has the correct name displayed, but the recipes are all messed upped. I have looked over them about 10 times and cannot see what I am missing or what I misspelled.

i’ll check it out for you :slight_smile:

here are those two items placed in the world

the wheel barrel looked better than I expected.

version 3.2 is now on http://praisedb.x10.bz

alright, it appears to have just been a few } being misplaced in the en.json so everything was considered an entity,

    "entities": {

        "decoration": {
            "out_house": {
                "out_house_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Out House",
                    "description": "Even a Khan needs their privicy"
            "wine_rack": {
                "wine_rack_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Wine Rack",
                    "description": "for the good stuff"
            "bath_tub": {
                "bath_tub_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Fancy Bath",
                    "description": "where do I get the soap?"
            "fish_scale": {
                "fish_scale_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Fish Scale",
                    "description": "a Scale for Scales"
            "towel_rack": {
                "towel_rack_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Towel Rack",
                    "description": "A place to store your towels"

        "jobs": {

            "mason": {

                "recipes": {
                    "bath_tub_recipe": {
                        "description": "where do I get the soap?",
                        "recipe_name": "Fancy Bath Tub",
                        "flavor": "Time to get clean"

            "carpenter": {

                "recipes": {
                    "out_house_recipe": {
                        "description": "Even a Khan needs their privicy",
                        "recipe_name": "Out House",
                        "flavor": "another use for corn cobbs"
                    "wine_rack_recipe": {
                        "description": "for the good stuff",
                        "recipe_name": "Wine Rack",
                        "flavor": "7 year old brandy or a nice burgandy"
                    "fish_scale_recipe": {
                        "description": "a Scale for Scales",
                        "recipe_name": "Fish Scale",
                        "flavor": "something smells fishy about this"
                    "towel_rack_recipe": {
                        "description": "A place to store your towels",
                        "recipe_name": "Towel Rack",
                        "flavor": "His and Her"


if you replace your current en.json with this one it should work, but i’m super tired so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for your help. I understand being tired, I think that is were many of my mistake are coming from. Also one of your post helped me with my .png files. finally figured out how to make them with transparent backgrounds, so I will be fixing all of them.

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