Startermod_basic updated with weapons, armor, lights, and particles

Hey Everyone,

Last week I did a stream in which I started writing a very basic starter mod for Stonehearth. The goal of this mod is to help people who have never coded or written a mod add an item of their own to the game, either via the debugtools or as a recipe that can be crafted by the carpenter.

You can now download it and give it a try here: GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_basic: A most basic starter mod to get you going!

Instructions are in the readme. Let me know if anything is unclear/can be clarified. If you’d like to see a sample mod that addresses a specific thing, we’d also love to hear it, though it might be a while before we get around to it. :slight_smile:


Update: For those of you interested in weapons, armor, and other items, startermod_items is now also up on github:

Now including fountains and lights from @Relyss


funny enough, i tried to get this earlier today, only to discover it hadnt been completed/updated.

it would be interesting to see one done for weapons/armor, but im probabaly just saying that because im currently woking on a weapons mod :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for doing that stream. It got me into modding.


Thank you for the stream! I loved it, learned a lot, I kind of want that birch log in the game. and … is that in game… can I make wooden pigs! :pig:


this starter_mod does indeed allow you to make wooden piggy banks :smile:

edit: @sdee i was thinking, perhaps stream #62 should be added to the “highlights” section of your twitch channel, in my opinion it is quite the highlight.


awe no no this wont do! this must be in the game… MUST lol


it would be interesting if they implemented them as a “crate” that could only store wealth.

because piggy banks contain all your money and wealth


To Youtube too! If it hasn’t already :sweat_smile:
'Cause Twitch will delete it eventually :confounded:


thats what i was thinking, i do hope they save it, its one of the most useful streams to me.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve made it a twitch highlight and hit a button to export it to youtube.


For those of you who are interested, the startermod_items that we worked on last week during stream is now up on github:

The associated twitch streams highlights are here:

The mod expects that you’re familiar with startermod_basic to add things to the world, and currently offers a sample melee weapon, sample shield, sample armor, and sample buff for you to play with. @8BitCrab, that’s for you!

Here’s a teaser pic:

Update: @Relyss has kindly donated her sample_lamp and sample_fountain to illustrate cubemitter and lighting effects!

Let me know what other things you’d like sample mods for.


thanks a ton! i’ve been having trouble getting my weapons to appear in-game, so i just, kinda, gave up :wink:

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Well, let us know what happened; we might be able to figure it out. :slight_smile:

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its most likely me not getting the right mixins and such, i’ll try copying & pasting the startermod and see if i can get it to work.

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Not nearly enough dongering in the chat but the stream was really helpful.

@Relyss generously volunteered her excellent lamppost and fountain to startermod_items to illustrate the lamp component and cubemitters! Check it out on GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_items: a sample mod showing how to create different types of items


Whoa! Haven’t seen yet this fountain! Looks pretty amazing! So big tx to Relyss and to you Stephanie for the starter mod. It is downloaded and I guess I will take a time to check it with the corresponding streams to understand better the modding system.


I have to admit that seeing the awesome work of @The_M on the Settlement Decor mod inspired me to make the fountain. :smile:


Each time I click on a link I stumble upon great mods… My guess is we need a kind of repository, something to search/sort out mods, with screens, description and compatibility version. Does SR has some plan at this level?

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I’d guess no. We tried to make some mod list threads here on the forum, and lots of people volunteered for making hubs, but it’s still a complex subject…

In the long term I think they have some ideas, but we’ll see… :smile: