New weapons for archers!

Before all those, first, WE NEED A WAY TO SPECIFY SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT. :fist:



Oh yeah true xD So maybe either that, or set three new classes to fit them :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the idea!
Just wanted to mention that crossbows use bolts instead of arrows. :>
So they would indeed be incompatible with the current arrows for archers.
Of course the devs could introduce new bolt ammo types but I just wanted to give my two cents in and mention that I really would love new bow types and upgrades for all the classes! \o/

It’d be one of their balance things, since they’d be so much more powerful than the bows, make it so they can’t have special ammunition, but they can outrange any ranged enemies and deal lots of damage

I’d love Crossbows made by the Engineer, but the question is - who to give them to? I feel like making them a max-level Archer weapon would work, since it’d be a visual distinction.

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link to an older thread of similar topic, where I made some suggestions on how crossbow should be different.

In short, I feel that crossbows (non specialized ones) should be given to untrained users. It should differ from bow users in terms of performance over “skill” (yeah, I am still hoping for skill-based over class-based system… lol)

Maybe high level archers could pull off this sort of awesome nonsense?

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I kinda like the class based. Because that allows you to more directly control who does what. You have to decide if your 5 mind 6 spirit person becomes a cleric, or a craftsman instead of them just coming in and going, “Oh I’m a good archer,”

I like that convenience too :slight_smile:
however, I did illustrated in other post (not sure if it is the archer one) that “class” can be retrained without being an explicit concept.

E.g. for UI, I can still have a combo box that allows me to set the “class” of a hearthling to “carpenter”. Behind the scenes however, it simply sets the priority for the various jobs, putting high priority for jobs that a “carpenter” is supposed to do, and no priority for jobs that a carpenter doesn’t usually do. And on top of that, the player can customize things (want your carpenter to fish in his spare time? just set fishing job to low priority).

What I suggested for “abolishing classes” will mean for players:

  • players can still set “classes” as a convenience, which UI can provide

  • classes can be “standard” (preloaded templates) or created dynamically (by saving a set of job priorities to a name).

  • classes can be “fine tuned” (tweak individual priorities after choosing a “class” sets them initially).

  • no need for talisman objects. tools will only be checked and used if the ACTION requires it. i.e. I don’t need some magic talisman saw to make a hearthling carpenter. But before he does any actual wood working (only actions that ACTUALLY requires a saw), he will have to look for a tool (a real tool, not a magic talisman to change class)

  • and with a decoupled skill based system, skills can be shared by classes. Your hearthling spent most of his life improving skill A, when he “changed class” to another profession which also have jobs that seems to require skill A, his previous skill is used. Not being wiped and “disabled” as “previous job’s ability”.

  • and attribute being a sibling to skill, can allow jobs that doesn’t improve skills to still possibly improve hearthling attributes. Or allow a single action to train multiple skills/attributes. E.g. say endurance is an attribute that directly controls how much HP a hearthling has (and not like how many “levels” he hearthling gains). Any action can potentially train this endurance, though the rate of improvement is also dependent on the endurance level (say we assume diminishing returns). What this means is that HP will be better controlled and we won’t end up with some hearthlings having ridiculous amount of HP because they gain more “levels”. Also, if the hearthling keeps training skills that have nothing to do with endurance, their HP won’t improve.

  • Any action the hearthling can perform can potentially “train” some skill or attribute. some actions, like hauling, has no associated skill or train them. However, they can still train attributes like endurance. So if you let hearthlings haul things for a long time, their skills won’t improve, but they will get stronger and end up having a higher HP/greater strength etc.

gone a little OOT.

I think this is a good idea. The Short-Bow has no strength and is the starter weapon, which should be replaced as soon as possible. The other three however are equivalent options, though I would like to see some changes. Let me explain:


  • High range, medium fire rate, medium damage

Recurve Bow:

  • Medium Range, fast fire rate, medium damage

Cross Bow:

  • High range, slow fire rate, high damage, 30% armor penetration (on top of the archers passive), can’t equip quivers with status effects

Longbows are supposed to take out weak enemies at a big range, Crossbows also take out enemies at big range, but are better against highly armored guys, like ogres and golems. So crossbows are less effective against weaker units because of their slow fire rite and because they can’t equip quivers, while longbows are less effective against highly armored guys, because the damage doesnt go through. The recurve bow however is the option for enemies who are at medium range. Thanks to their fast fire rate, they are best suited for archers who have quivers equipped, because the status effects on enemies will never run out if it gets refreshed with every shot, constantly slowing enemies or burning/poisoning them.


Here is a little concept maybe? We could make it so the carpenter has to make the arrows himself. So one log = say 4 arrows so that your archer doesn’t get infinite arrows. Or maybe only add them for special arrows? Also maybe add durability to knights shields? Also can we get an enchanter? he can enchant weapons like swords or pikes to give them basic upgrades? Like if you get a level 6 enchanter and with a really good weapon if you get lucky you can get a stun(1) levels 1-5 where there is a 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% chance of stunning the enemy with your attack. The higher the level so stun(5) has a very slime chance?


That would definitely be a good thing! THen it would make sense to finaly plant trees, since wood would be a ressource you heavily need all the time.

In addition to that, it would be great if armor/weapons could get damaged over time. When they get damaged (after sustaining x-amount of damage or after time x), their effectiveness drops by 50%. Then they automatically go to a crafter (everything out of metal = smith, stone = mason, wood = carpenter), which repairs the weapon/armor, which requires the main material the armor/weapon is made of. This way, keeping a smith/mason/carpenter, even if you actually dont have to produce something, would make sense.

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I like this idea a lot, maybe we can further grow it and have it implemented into the game. This could add another class or even another level. So level 7 black smiths(change the role to mason or smith,etc etc) get the ability to repair items they created. Or again another class where he is based around repairing items. Again if we go with the enchant thing this could add another level to our repairman. If he is level 6 he has a (%) chance of keeping the enchantment. If its a level say 5 stun you have a 10% chance of keeping it at level 5. 50% chance of keeping it at all so like it will go down to level 3 or 1 because it needed to be repaired. Or something like that. We COULD try to engrave this into the engineer so that he repairs as well. Because he is a tad bit lacking at the moment.

I really like the idea of more types of bow. I am sure they are going to add as least a few more bows.
I also like the bow typing and it acctually is very easy to add long and short bows. I have been modding in new weapons and changing the attack speed is really easy and creating a modle of a long bow is not the problem either.
For the crosbow it would be a new animation so that is gonna take some more work bu i think they should at least 1 or 2 so that people can more easily mod in a new crossbow.

More types of arrows is always nice but i think that will be a mainly mod thing. they may add 1 or 2 new types but i am also willing on making some poison arrows in my armoury mod if there is enough intrested for that.

Altho i dont think the arc of arrows is not something that has a good stonehearth feel.

And hight advantage, Yes definietly need that so i can store some archers on my walls ^¢^

@nt_a_typ_o Speaking about an enchanter here you go [Alpha19] Enchanter Class/Mithril Weapons Mod+Enchanter Expansion Mod Someone already and made a mod for that ^¢^

And i dont like the idea limited arrows. For special arrows i do like the idea and that there is and item where archers can recharge their arrows when out of combat.

And durabillity in general is not appealing to me either. Stonehearth is nice cause you have not to worry about to many things. But that is my personal preference.

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Thank you for your reply, I found it to be helpful in seeing the view of the game from another perspective. I would like to state im not a fan of the whole mod idea. Its just not my thing when it could be a really big part of the base game. Idk tho. I just feel that somethings could be added to the base game instead of it just being a mod.

Well in general i would agree but it being stonehearth and their vision is to make a solid game which is intended to be easy to mod and also intendet to being mod i disagree this time. When they launched on kickstarters this was one of their main points. They want it to be mod. Whenever you use them is your choice but the created a soild main game for its community tp expend with what they want.

So expect to see al the basic thing in there like standart classes, of every type of furniture 1 to 3 variants and so on.
They will be focusing on bringing more base content and not as much detailed content so to say.

I could be a bit wrong but this is the focus i believe they have. Judging from the kickstarter and what thwy have deliverd until now.

I see, that makes sense I dont have much of an argument since my whole disliking towards mods consists of personal dislike, maybe when steam adds stonehearth to the steam community mod thing it will be more of a viable feature for me? I may be wrong but it doesnt appear the mods are on the steam community yet, which leads me to be very lazy. Ill try out some of the mods today and get back to you on a more open eyed opinion if you want.

Also ive never tried my hand at modding before, is it hard to get the hang of?

They are intendin on making the mods easily available through the game self but since its still alpha that is not yet implanted so that is a plus for lazy people like you (and me).
For as far as i know they may want to make it even more simple to mod basic things like items in but for now it is good doable even if you have no knoledge at all.
The game provides all its files so a lot you can copy past and change the names. And since every normal file is accesable you can alway look at the files and see how they did it.

Creating an item and making it craftable and placeable is quite easy.

Here are a few topic how to start modding an modding faq.

Sublime text editor is real nice to edit the files. And jsonlint is a sit to validate your .json files to see if there arent any mistakes.

And the first few items take some time cause its new but after that it is just a matter of repeating a few simple steps.

And concering installing mods. Dowload the mod file and locate where your stone hearth is instaled (with steam you can rightclick and there is an option wit local files) and open the mod folder and just place the downloaded mod file in there.

I didnt know which of the 2 you meant so i gave you both ^¢^

At first I meant I wanted to learn how to mod but these are both helpful thank you.