Have archer switch between weapons

Would anyone know if there is a way to mod in a archer melee option for them to ethier be selectable with weapons or switch to melee automatically when in close combat?


ooh like a knife? I like :slight_smile:

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I would think it to be cool if they switched arrow types in the middle of combat so you can get the slow effect and the fire effect every other shot or whatever

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So like Green Arrow style trick arrow quiver with a lot of arrows of different types?

I mean, it makes sense… Just would require a lot of changes, or make an even higher level quiver that allows them to equip multiple quivers and rotate through them.

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ok at first the quivers has also the lower arrows :wink: if you select the archer you can click in the unitframe on the arrow to change the type :wink:

Or a crossbow that allows more rapid fire

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That’s do-able easily. I’ve already made a repeating crossbow Chinese style in a mod like months ago for the initial release of archers. Probably wouldn’t take much tweaking to update…


I mean more of a change to a sword/swords i guess elves on lord of the rings style.