Question - Archer hit/miss chance possible?

Anyone knows if there is a way to change the way missile attack works?
im looking for hit and miss chance to be more precise
would like to try hitting something else after missing the first target but i’m doubtfull that could be possible.

thanks! :smiley:

well… keeping the projectile straight and not following the target is possible by breaking the “projectile_component.lua”
but so far hitting something else besides of the intended target seems complicated :sob:

It would definitely be possible to implement a hit chance mechanic in the game, yes (not only for ranged attacks but also for melee attacks)

Right now Stonehearth combat operates on a attack x defense/armor paradigm where no attacks are misses; you can kite around, have a faster opponent or play with attack cooldowns but once an attack is triggered it is always a hit.

That’s easy to spot when (which I assume is the reason of your post) an archer shoots and the target moves - the arrow will follow. Or even on melee, when a character stops to attack and the target runs away but gets hit nonetheless after a few steps.

I think that implementing a hit chance mechanic could be interesting because it could give some extra value to certain attributes/stats; allow greater gear versatility (like dodge-based builds or jobs) and such. It’s more than a simple edit, though - like you’ve noticed :jubilant: It would require a lot of patching to be properly done :merry:

It’s not something I’ve felt a great need for so far, but the idea isn’t bad so I’ll leave it noted down as a possibility for further combat enhancements in the future :jubilant:

As for the arrow trajectory, making them straight might end up looking weirder than not since they would just disappear/go through things/etc. A trick is to - instead - increase (a lot) the projectile speed. The faster it is, the less time it will have to bend its trajectory :merry:

So if you’re willing to make a mod to remedy the arrow trajectories, my suggestion would be to try doing so by increasing the speed of all arrows in the game!

yeah, i replaced the lua for projectiles (just a few changes from the original) and ended up with a straigth trajectory. Sadly that creates a bug where the archer believes the enemy was killed or thinks the arrow is still flying idk) and ignores it unless you set the target manually…
i could make the arrow go faster… but ehhmmmm i’m actually not using arrows hehehe

my idea is more like 1 shoot can kill… if you hit it first but i’m not a lua programer yet :sweat_smile:

thank you for the reply :smiley: