Broken archer execution


Archers tend to stand at their maximum range and skitter around instead of shooting, effectively reducing their arrow output by an estimated 75%.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a Hearthling to an archer
  2. Make that archer shoot enemies, especially moving ones

Expected Results:
Archers fireing on sight and range.

Actual Results:
Terribly hesistant, up to the point of them not shooting at all.



Version Number and Mods in use:
0.24.0 build 877

System Information:

remember that if thats the case AI enemy archers ALSO would do this. which would give them perfect-kite.
also called the rome-total war 1 problem :stuck_out_tongue: (archers were OP as -Turnip-)

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I think you completely misunderstood the problem.

hearthling goes, runs close, runs far, runs close, doesnt get a nice clear shot and thus doesnt shoot?

The problem is them having a 100% clear shot, they are perfectly in range and instead of shooting, they stutter-walk forward and backward, half a step each instead of actually shooting. The archers in earlier versions did not have that problem.
In addition, the archers seem to be incapable of firing off cliffs now. Before, they used to run to the edge in order to fire, but now they shoot only once and only if you explicitly tell them to walk to the cliff and attack. Then they turn away and ignore the cliff.