Archers don't attack and stutterstep

Hello everyone, my archers seems to have some problem to attack monster !
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Village on a raid by some kobold archer and one ogre
  2. Footmen, knight and cleric going to take care of the archers, my archers on the back acquire the ogre in the village (screen provided)
  3. Archers just stutterstepping and reposition themself… for nothing (nothing in the visual or the range who can block),

Expected Results:
Archers fire at the nasty ogre and protect the village :smiley:
Actual Results:
They dancing and let this ogre destroy all the door :frowning:
It’s akward because it seems to happen with not all class of ennemy ! Gobling, orc and kobold are fine but when it come to greater “hitbox” like ogre or giant zombie, they seems to be lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
I provide another screen where you can see archer don’t even targeting ennemy and rest in the firecamp :smiley:

Version Number and Mods in use:
develop-2972 (x64) No mod,
System Information:
Windows 7 integral ultimate edition, I5 2500 3.30ghz, 8 ghz DDR3 ram, Geforce Gtx 580 !

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