Archers won't shoot if they had a 'defend' order prior to an 'attack' order

Any archers that have been ordered to ‘defend’ a point and then was ordered to attack will not shoot and just kite around at a very long distane

Steps to reproduce:

  1. find an enemy
  2. group up all combat units using the ‘defend’ banner
  3. send them all
  4. see the archeres not participate in combat

Expected Results:
Archers will assist in battle from distance

Actual Results:
The archers rapidly kite around at a really long distance

It is fixed when re-loading a save (preferably making a new save and then doing so)

This also works by just using the ‘defend’ banner as far as i remember

Happened in hard mode (i’ve only used hardnode recently)

Always solved after reload, so no save files

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 16
No mods (settlement decor is in but it happened without it, and the mod isn’t activated(not compatible), same with TMC)

System Information:
i7 CPU
Windows 10 : 64bit


So here i’m to report the same in my other topic ! Hyrule explained it really better !

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Getting the thread up so the devs can see it.
Hope y’all don’t mind…

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Hello everyone, my archers seems to have some problem to attack monster !
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Village on a raid by some kobold archer and one ogre
  2. Footmen, knight and cleric going to take care of the archers, my archers on the back acquire the ogre in the village (screen provided)
  3. Archers just stutterstepping and reposition themself… for nothing (nothing in the visual or the range who can block),

Expected Results:
Archers fire at the nasty ogre and protect the village :smiley:
Actual Results:
They dancing and let this ogre destroy all the door :frowning:
It’s akward because it seems to happen with not all class of ennemy ! Gobling, orc and kobold are fine but when it come to greater “hitbox” like ogre or giant zombie, they seems to be lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
I provide another screen where you can see archer don’t even targeting ennemy and rest in the firecamp :smiley:

Version Number and Mods in use:
develop-2972 (x64) No mod,
System Information:
Windows 7 integral ultimate edition, I5 2500 3.30ghz, 8 ghz DDR3 ram, Geforce Gtx 580 !

Note : Archer seems to act a lot like this old footmen bug :slight_smile:

More note :

Well, like i said, archer are ok when it come to “little ennemy” ! They fight like they have to do :smiley:
Giant ennemy are the one who is getting them lazy :smiley:

I’ve had the same issue. After a couple of load/save and a few days later, they are acting normally… For now…

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Yep ! It does the same for me ! Saving/loading seems to work but they end up doing the same dance anyway !
Have to say now that “little ennemy” don’t get aquired too ! Depends on situation, it’s not easy to predict !
So it’s not only Ogre or Giant zombie !

And one more thing, the kobolds archers seems to act the same that our archer, mooving a little, holding ground, animation of targetting is ok but they don’t fight and sometime they do :smiley: !

Like always, sorry for my english :confused:

I’ve also seen it afflicting enemy archers as well, so I guess the archer AI must be common and the issue is related to the AI…

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Here is my last screen for this topic :smiley:
Archer are really lazy haha :smiley:

Looks like he prefers gold over glory - a typical mercenary :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha exactly :smiley:
Better being paid before the battle :smiley: (or in the middle of a fight xD )

I also made a post about this a little bit ago (i wish i saw this post before so i could’ve just attach it)

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(i’m so tired right now, talking non sence haha :smiley: )

It is exactly related to my “bug” !
I use the defence banner a lot of time to regroup soldier so it’s totaly explained right now ! Thx you for your reply Hyrule, i have to try to not use the defence banner or at least load :smiley:

I’ve lost one late footman because my archer wasn’t doing anything in a big fight in hard mode :confused:
I’m sad but now i understand it’s my “fault” haha :smiley:

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I had similar issues with a little group of archers. To somewhat work around this, whenever your archers are unable to shoot, position the defense order near them - away from the enemy but still within range. If this solve the issue, the attack order will work as intended again. Also providing a clear line of sight has helped me quite a bit. This can be applied instead of loading to a previous save. Not a fix but definitely a workaround.

That’s some really hand information!
Thanks for the note

Though, i’m just waiting the team to get a fix for this(I’m confident they saw this post)
I guess it’s a bit more complicated than it seems