Soldier acting strangely

Hello guyz :smiley:
So, i launch a new game and then started building and rising then the gobelin came to me !
And there is something new with the way the soldiers act when they meet them !

They just look at them, getting on guards but… i don’t know how to tell you… xD they look like retarded xD
I’m sorry, this is funny to tell but they just look and SOMETIME, they gonna run to them and fight :smiley:

There was a goblin camp with the “chief” who spawned near to my town, i send my soldier to fight them but they lost 20 seconds of their times watching them before going :stuck_out_tongue: (and some soldier was more longer than other)

No problem with the Spirit level of my soldier ( 5/6 ) !

It’s really funny to see because i was raging, screaming them “MOOVE YOU IDIOT” xD

I can’t tell if it’s really a bug or just a pathfinder bug because they seems to acquire the goblin in target but just stay still and after 10 seconds, they go :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to screen and get you a savegame if they act like this one more time :smiley:

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Ok ! So i’m reporting something that’s cleary impacting the way you play :o
A HIGH performance loose everytime a fight start between your footmen and goblin !

Undead doesn’t seems to have an impact of performance but whenever my soldier try to fight (yeah… try xD because they actualy do the same thing that i tell you before, watching from far and going on the fight 10 seconds after :stuck_out_tongue: ) some goblins, the game start slowing down and get overloaded in memory use :confused:

There is no specific way to reproduce it because it’s happen everytime there is a fight !

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Well, now i’ve got something new (omg xD )

I ordered my soldiers to attack a wolves camps ! I put my attack flag in the middle of the camp, my soldiers reached it and then, only one of them attacked :smiley: !

As you can see on the screen and i realised it just after, Emmy Mavel was PATROLLING in this place even with my attack flag !
There is something that’s gone wrong with the pathfinding, she didn’t acquired anybody in the camp as a target !

So she came back to my village, patrolling nicely xD

Sorry if i put too much things in the same topic, i’m reporting them in real time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same issue, when they enter into combat mode, my FPS goes to hell, and they will take almost a day to work up the courage to attack a gob’s fireplace. This only happens when they enter combat phase.

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There’s definitely a bug or twelve in the combat AI. Not big, gnarly bugs…more like cute little lady bugs… but still bugs.

I’ve noticed the footmen need to spend a lot of time thinking once the attack flag is placed and during combat/pursuit.

On approach to the attack flag, the footman needs to stop every 10-15 grid blocks to admire his intended target, adjust his weapon and pose dramatically before proceeding a little farther and repeating

In pursuit, the footman will nearly catch up to the intended victim…then pause for 3 or 4 seconds, allowing the near-victim to escape again…rinse, repeat until the target is cornered or just gets bored and chooses to stop.

Once combat has begun, the footman will swing once, then need to pause and think about his next swing for another 2-3 seconds before swinging again. Minor glitch but it takes a long time to actually kill anything.

Another note during combat that may or may not be related; I saw this happen twice during the goblin campaign, my footman returned to camp between targets. Most of the goblins in the area were dead, a few lingering around campfires in the bush. The footman killed another goblin and then returned to camp, immediately went back out to the goblin camp and chose another target.

During that campaign, it took two footmen so long to clear the cheiftain’s camp that around 8 goblin campfires spawned in the area and the campaign had already proceeded to the wolf camps by the time the last building had been demolished. Partly this is due to returning to camp, but also noticed multiple times that the footman would run down a goblin, give it a good whack and then run to a new target. Repeating this for every swing. In other words, trying to kill everything at once while they’re spread over a fairly large area.

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Hello all, long time player, first time bug posting (I luckily never ran into any real bugs through my playtime

This was run on Alpha 12 (dev-2666x64)

Summary: Footman’s Bug
I have a party of 2 footman in the start of the goblin campaign. While fighting they seem to be stuttering their attacks. At further inspection they seem like they are just walking around in a fighting pose and doing nothing for a couple minutes. Even if I use the party banner to move them, if I put them back into battle then I get the same results.

Steps to perform:
1: Load up dev-2666x64
2: Have Party of 2 footman and go through start of goblin campaign
3: Try to have them fight the big goblin and buildings

Expected Results:
Clear out goblin camp and loot the goodies

Actual Result:
Dance around the enemy (especially those pesky goblin buildings)

(Image simulates what is happening)

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I confirm this behavior on 2650 and 2664 (haven’t yet tested 2666).

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Ey dont Joke about Blinzler! Hey has destoyed very brave and quick this column! :smiley:

Look like a lot the bug i reported : [Develop-2650] Soldier acting strangely

It’s definitively happen again here and soldier keep stutterstepping xD

It’s awesome when you put some trance song :smiley: but it does consume a lot of memory at the moment the first fight with goblin happen and at this moment, the game start freezing fastly like lags !

Yeah I found your original post before I made mine, but since I just had 2 updates (2664 and then 2666) I figured it would be best to post a separate bug. Especially seeing as I did not seem to have the problem with 2664 and any other earlier builds

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[Dev 2666 x64]
Day: 18
Population: 16

Whenever my two guards engage in any kind of combat, the game will begin to stutter every 3-5 seconds (The hang itself only lasts a second or so). In addition to this the guards will spend a lot of time “thinking” of what to do next. For example, they will both be in combat ready stance with plenty of nearby targets, but will only begin attacking after a few of these stutters have passed. Once there are no combat targets left the game returns to running smoothly.

PC Stats:

Processer: Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 645
RAM: 8gb

(My first post here, sorry if it’s a bit rough. Loving this game and wish to help as much as I can.)

Hey there @OuchThatStings, welcome to the discourse!

There are currently some issues with combat/footman…stuttering, lagging, “over-thinking”…you can see more details here:

Paging @8BitCrab, @Relyss, or @SteveAdamo, can we get a merge here?

I think we still have this bug open in A12.

Hello everyone !
Like beatrice, i’m “reporting” that’s the bug is always present in the same way but i started to see my game have great slowndown even with undead now !
It wasn’t the case in the older version but i think it’s not new, the game start glitching everytime there is a fight or when the undead or gobelin spawn !

Something is cleary impacting performance with the fighting system and the pathfiding ! :o
I don’t want to act like a doctor, telling you what is going bad because i can be totaly faulty when i say that this is system and pathfiding that going glitchy but it really look like it is :confused:

The game got a nice performance gain in early game (mb usage at game starting was 1.5ghz and was 2.1ghz before) so it’s really getting cool :stuck_out_tongue:

But when it happen to an undead spawn or gobelin you know you are in the “late game” because the performance start to shut down really fast !

Saving, exiting and relaunching the game seems to be a nice way to hold on the memory usage on the moment and keep playing a little but it’s just a way to “fight” this bug :stuck_out_tongue: not correct it and it’s really frustrating when i get around 25 villager’s, the game is actualy unplayble for my spec :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work guyz, it starting to get better and better everytime :smiley: (i’m only one month old into this game)

and btw, the stutterstep of the soldier’s and the HIGH performance lost when it’s come to a fight ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Acquiring target is random some time and the soldier switch to another mob for no reason in the middle of the fight :stuck_out_tongue:
"dancing", watching and having good time taunting the ennemy by mooving like a jager xD i use to see some “teleportation” but it’s surely because of my game going slow and freezing !

I have that problem too. Hard to explain. And it is not possible to show on screenshots. You need to record it. Also recording is not possible and hard to explain.

Guards act:

  1. see goblin
  2. show shield
  3. lower shield
  4. do one step
  5. show shield
  6. lower sield

And sometimes they don’t attack the goblin when they are nearby. still showing shield and lower shield

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Steam Alpha 12 build 463 x64. No mods.

There seems to be some strange behavior from my hearthlings whenever combat is initiated. It happens with both footmen and with non-combat classes in town defense mode. As soon as any hearthlings get close to something that they can fight they get into combat stance and then they stop moving forward. They will seem to twitch in different directions as if they are trying to figure out how to get to the enemy and will not actually move forward. There is nothing in the way, clear open ground, and they will not move. After a short while they may or may not attack, but usually not.

I’ve seen this behavior both against goblins and zombies. In my latest town two zombies spawned and walked around killing hearthlings with two footmen just 3 or 4 steps away from them just standing there, twitching back and forth. It got two of my lings killed before my carpenter and two workers came out of their daze (town defense on) and managed to kill them.

I have been experiencing this problem with Goblin camps. I rally my party to attack the camp and the footman (I only have one and he seems to be the major Hearthling that does it mainly) will just the slowly edging/twitching toward the enemy. It has taken him 30 minutes once to walk to the Goblin Chieftain to initiate combat.

Good news, everyone! (He said, channeling Professor Farnsworth.)
We’ve identified the issue that was messing with combat encounters and will be pushing a new build of Alpha 12 later today.


You guyz rocking !
Thx you team radiant :smiley:

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