[Dup] Footman Bug (dev-2666x64)

Hello all, long time player, first time bug posting (I luckily never ran into any real bugs through my playtime

This was run on Alpha 12 (dev-2666x64)

Summary: Footman’s Bug
I have a party of 2 footman in the start of the goblin campaign. While fighting they seem to be stuttering their attacks. At further inspection they seem like they are just walking around in a fighting pose and doing nothing for a couple minutes. Even if I use the party banner to move them, if I put them back into battle then I get the same results.

Steps to perform:
1: Load up dev-2666x64
2: Have Party of 2 footman and go through start of goblin campaign
3: Try to have them fight the big goblin and buildings

Expected Results:
Clear out goblin camp and loot the goodies

Actual Result:
Dance around the enemy (especially those pesky goblin buildings)

(Image simulates what is happening)


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