Footman Attacking Food

After encountering a UI error my footman was attacked by goblins. Mid fight he became hungry, and when he killed all goblins and returned to town he began attacking all food in the stockpiles until everything was destroyed. The UI bug in question was when I was switching between work benches quickly which I believe was already here.

Steps to reproduce:
Ignored UI error and kept playing to deal with goblin attack.
Footman is hungry while fighting goblins.
After fight he returns home.
After saving and reloading to attempt to fix UI issue when reloading town footman goes crazy and begins attacking all food sources one at a time while still hungry.
Stare confused and horrified as all food in village is destroyed.
Attempt to stop him with no success by activating town defense mode, messing with party settings, and reloading several times.
Give up and submit bug report.

Error Report: Engine Failure

release-453 (x64)
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.luac:87: assertion failed!
stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'assert’
stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.luac:87: in function ‘_find_target’ stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.luac:56: in function ‘_check_for_target’ stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.luac:8: in function <stonehearth/ai/observers/find_target_observer.luac:8>

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Creepy but funny bug xD
i would get really amazed if it happened to me :o

Does the footman attack every time you load up that save game?
If so, I would love to have the save.
This one sounds particularly amazing/horrifying.
Thanks for reporting this


Have you Tried to demote the defector?

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I have the save file but new users can’t upload attachments it says. When I get the ability I’ll be happy to upload the file. The incident happens constantly on this file after he defeats the goblins he instantly runs over to a berry basket and starts attacking it. Sometimes he stops after a few baskets sometimes he keeps going til everything is dead.

Aye, when I depromoted and repromoted him he went straight back to attacking the food.

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if you want you could upload it to a site such as dropbox or googledrive (just to name a few) and provide us with the download link.

[quote=“ZephyrFox, post:5, topic:16730”]
When I get the ability I’ll be happy to upload the file.
[/quote]well this is what you gotta do to be able to upload stuff,

(taken from the main discourses “what do user trust levels do”)

Good idea!

I’m not too experienced with dropbox but here’s the link (I think…) let me know if it doesn’t work. ^^

He’ll finish off the goblins, a daily update happens, then he returns to town and assaults some berry baskets and either keeps going, or stops after destroying the ones outside of the stockpile. The second one seems more common.


Okay I loaded up the save and saw the footman kill 2 baskets that were marked as enemy baskets (they have a red outline when you select them). I’ve circled them below.

If the footman only attacks these 2 and then goes back to work, then that’s okay (in the next release, he shouldn’t attack them at all). This is because right now, food containers have health and if there’s an enemy object that has health, footmen will consider them attack targets. In the next release, food containers will no longer have health, so even enemy food baskets shouldn’t be attackable.

It sounds like from your experience, sometimes the footman tries to attack any food, even food that is friendly to you (have a white border when you hover over them), which is a problem. I haven’t been able to get that to happen. Do you remember if you did anything else in between? Or should it just be load up the save and watch in horror?

Thanks for getting me the save


What can you say, Some people don’t like to eat their vegetables…


its the berries man… after awhile they just get to you…


I did some testing with the file and it doesn’t seem to want to do it again. Maybe the glitch happened before I saved this one? I made this by using an auto-save that happened just before and then making a normal save. For some reason reloading the save seems to somewhat fix it. But in the original scenario he didn’t stop I got a large number of error pop ups and he went berserk. I tried to save the file at that point but the save screen froze and the file never saved I was forced to kill the game with task manager. I reloaded the auto-save hoping to salvage the game and assumed he was still attacking the whole stock again after seeing him hit the berries. So it’s entirely possible the reload fixed the major issue along with the UI. I hope that helps some. Sorry I cant provide the original but there was nothing I could do.

I did notice if you loot the enemy baskets before the footman can get to them they will reset back to freindly and he’ll leave them alone. It’s the only thing of note I could get to happen.

do you know what error it was? if the ui stopped working i’m slightly suspicious that it was the “prune_dead_listeners” that you get when a footmen kills a goblin/enemy…


I can’t remember, I didn’t take a very long look but I think it said engine failure. I closed it thinking it was another problem with the UI

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“Footman! Stop playing with your vegetables and eat them!”