Footman complains about not Having food since weeks

One of my footmans does complain about not having any food to eat (i have about 3k edibles tho), in the logbook you can see that that footman does complain since weeks (or whatever i shall call a long time ingame) and by now the footman did not die nor loose any amount of helth nor produces a “hunger” simbol over the head.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download save from me: [Google Drive][7z] 1455825589622.7z - Google Drive
  2. Load game
  3. See logbook

Expected Results:
Nothing couse all are happy ?

Actual Results:
Complaining footman having no food.

Footman has not got any order since days.
Footman is always close or inside my village.
3/4 footman just eat and do not complain.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, world mainly build on 523, not fixed in 524 tho.

System Information:
Should not mater in that case but here you go:
Win 7 pro x64 @ i53350p 4 cores 3.1Ghz + 16Gb Ram
Nvidia Gtx 660


PS: Wow 7z made my save compress from ~65mb to ~8mb | guess i should make a request for that ?

Have you been overworking your footman that he can’t get to the food? I know during days when I have lots of enemies I keep deploying my troops to the enemies and forgot they need some time to go eat :stuck_out_tongue: There is also the laggy bug that when they are deployed they stay at the deploy destination and don’t immediately walk back.

Have you tried sticking that particular footman in his own party and make him walk to where the food is located?

hey there @joscha999, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm…the journal feature was never fully developed/finished so i’m not sure if this can really be considered a bug… i guess i’ll page @sdee

[quote=“joscha999, post:1, topic:20187”]
PS: Wow 7z made my save kompress from ~65mb to ~8mb | guess i should make a request for that ?
[/quote]we actually just recently added .7z to the file types that can be uploaded :slightly_smiling:

though i believe you’re still TL0 so i dont think you can upload files directly to the discourse yet…

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@Tamira, hadn’t have any enemies since weeks either, my footmans are mostly in my “village”.
@8BitCrab thx, well its not a big problem but the rating for food is lower ~6.9 instead of way up in the 9er area - nothing big but a bit anoying :confused:

With the 7z thing i ment the save files, well dosent really mater but having folders with numbers dosent really help … i only had 5 so findig that one wasn’t a big problem but when someone has 10-20+ saves and tryes to find one maybe 2 weeks later … well happy searching :frowning:.

Can’t really play that map anyway … sometimes i have to pause for 10 minutes to get everyone working, hope for some peformence improvements in A15 :grin:

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