Footman still won't eat

So a post on this before that says it’s been resolved, but I was experiencing this too and had to change him back to a worker to make him eat. I’m playing on release-559 (x64).

Was it only one soldier?
Can you recreat that situation?
Do you have a save of where he is hungry which you can share with the devs?

Hello @jovince. Is your situation the same as the one mentioned in the patch notes for r559?:

“When defending a location, units will leave their post to go eat and sleep. You might want to put food and beds near their defense point.”

Like, you’ve used the defense banner and you have food near your footmen and they still don’t go to eat?

If you have a save where this is still happening, please upload it here and the devs can take a look at it.
Thanks for reporting!