Guards working themselves to death

In my city, protective units (footmen, knights, archers, and clerics) will not stop patrolling to take care of basic needs, like eating and sleeping. So they will often pass out from exhaustion, and a few have almost starved to death. This is likely caused by the various stockpiles and crops (“valuable assets”) demanding their attention. I can’t even direct them to the food stockpiles, they just go back to patrolling.

I’m not a tyrannical slave driver, regardless of what my worker units say. Sleeping and eating should always be a higher priority in the AI behavior list.



heyho if you want you can try my patrol points so that the only patrol this points and nothing other ^^ [A20+] Patrol Points

but good that you point this again to radiant :smiley:

@8BitCrab can you change the topic to support because this is more a bug :wink:

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Which Stonehearth version are you playing?

So you use the Move command to get them closer to the food, and they still go back to patrolling?

I’ll give it a shot.

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Yup. They usually just go back to patrolling, I saw one patrol for a bit, then break off and gorge himself, but he was half dead from starvation.

Oh. Alpha 16 (0.16.0, release 559 x64 build)

the bug has been fixed for a17 :slight_smile: