The way the defend flag works. Return to the old edit and add a new tool

Frankly when I saw the updates that they had implemented a system where soldiers would continue to eat and sleep, I was soooo happy, I’ve only recently made an account here so I couldn’t suggest the idea before they implemented it.

I had an idea to build a ‘footman’s garrison’ near my wall (I like to box myself in where i can only be attacked from one direction) where a 2 chests were placed inside the building with the filter for food and one for weapons. Put a few beds in there and i could essentially keep my soldiers near. But i still had to manually switch them off defend mode if they needed to satisfy one of these needs.

Although it seems there is abit of a bug with the system (atleast im encountering anyway) That footsoldiers no longer really attack anything? they just go straight to patrolling. For all i liked the edit i think a better system would be to select ‘patrol regions’ so like the trapper zone and the farming zone tools you could place a patrol region. so soldiers only patrol in those regions. You could categorise them by flags or by individual soldiers. While these patrol regions are active they will spend most of their time in this area and react to things like they would normally. But if they need to eat or sleep they’d run off and do that. While the defend flag would remain a “Yo bruh you better stay there until I say otherwise, dont care if you’re hungry. Ther’ be goblins!”