Party Zones - Better Defense and Work Control

I’ve seen many people argue about the best way to let us set patrol routes, or allow outposts to function more independently. But why treat footmen and citizens differently? The party system doesn’t, and that brings me to my suggestion.

On the party menu, besides the attack and defend buttons, there should be a green one for selecting a party zone. This lets you drag out any number of connected rectangles to select an area. Regular people will work inside the area, and soldiers will patrol near the edge. There could also be some strictness setting, for example:

  • Strictest - Hearthlings will never leave, no matter what. Footmen may leave slightly to attack enemies.
  • Strict Survival - Hearthlings will leave if they need to to eat and sleep, or to defend themselves.
  • Moderate - Like Strict Survival, but Hearthlings will also fetch materials.
  • Loosest - Hearthlings will prefer to [have a higher priority for] tasks in the zone, but are free to do anything.

I know, the names aren’t very good. Feel free to suggest better names, or maybe in-between settings I may have missed.

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at the moment they work in the battlesystem :wink: and they will add patrolroutes - at the moment this is autoselect from your stockpiles ^^ soooo if you want to have an boarder patrol :wink: make some stockpiles withount any xD

I don’t just want patrol routes. I also want control over where my workers work. I’ve heard many people mention fine-tuned patrol routes, but most suggestions for regular Hearthlings tall about staying in a certain range of a banner/fire pit/etc. This just isn’t powerful enough for me.

hmmm you mean like personal zones for every worker? … hmmmm that could possible also resolve the issue with the wide pathfinding … but on the other side that would be very much mircomanagment … hmmmm perhaps as an alternative setting for the workers - normally all and you can decide for some of them only to use there own zones … hmmmmmm difficult ^^ perhaps something for an forum poll xD

Like DF style burrows? Yes please!