Footman Attack Flag button

I’m wondering if there are plans to make the Footman’s attack flag button easier to access? a hotkey maybe, read the wiki on the already implemented hotkeys and none are for this.

You have to go through the “Fight and Defend” button, then “Parties” to get to the button to deploy Footman and at times one needs to quickly deploy Footman, need one easy to get to button would be awesome :slight_smile:


well currently pressing the “G” key will open up the partys menu (G for Groups) so that makes it a little bit faster to get to the menu.

hope that helps a bit.


Why not just add an all attack here flag to the Area designation menu to rally all your active footmen to the flag? that would be even faster than the current system. Hell I didn’t even know there was a system to make’em attack.

I’m hoping we get patrol area’s eventually.

You kinda do. They will patrol farms and stockpiles, so you COULD game the system with empty stockpiles to make a kind of patrol route.

But yes, a more robust unit interface would be awesome. Saayyy… the same alpha the archer gets added!! Cross dem digits!

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Footmen also patrol the gardens, so tiny gardens and stockpiles in a line to make a patrol route? lol

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