Attacking neutral stuff?

In the future, we might have monsters that don’t attack unless provoked, as well as neutral towns. But how do we get our footmen to attack them? My solution is, assault selection. When you click on a sheep, you see the word “sheep,” a flavor text description, and the ax button. Perhaps for neutral monsters we could have a sword icon? Furthermore, for when you attack a neutral herd of monsters, then the whole herd would attack when you provoked just one. As for towns, rather than hitting a sword button for a creature, you’d select their standard and it would have a sword button instead. This would be for attacking neutral/once-allied races.
Tell me what you think, and I’ll see ya later!


for factions, maybe when you click on their standard it brings up a menu that lets you change you alignment to that faction (allies, neutral or hostile) and their alignment towards you.

Good idea. Maybe you could even be able to peek at that towns status if their allied with you? For example, “The lagomorphs have only a few footmen but have a strong service-industry, so I should ally with them due to my strong military and my lackluster production services. Their net worth is climbing, so I should probably send a negotiator over soon before their town is attacked, pillaged, and destroyed…”


Managing the factions standing would be a great solution to that. I have encountered this problem many times with the goblins (if you don’t respond to the messages then they eventually become neutral).

Although it would be nice, the game seems to revolve around the economy and not so much about combat management. Protecting your town and fending off goblin invaders is a lot different than ‘assaulting’ a neutral town. I’m curious to see how much freedom we have with the final build in this respect…