[R118] Goblin Horde

Just got attacked by like 8 goblins. Who spawned all of sudden pretty close to my town. Maybe make them extremely weak til combat is finally tuned. And this was only on day 4 too.

Picture here:

RIP: Town Silver.


they probably wanted all thos nice foods >:-)

hahaha, yes that is a lovely, bountiful farm! :smile:

@sdee’s fun fact: if you let the goblin “thieves” steal goods, and don’t actually engage in combat, you can avoid a more massive goblin strike force in retaliation…


1: Clearly you’ve never played Timber and Stone.

2: “Horde” is a little too excessive in my opinion more like a angry mob than a horde.

3: That really sucks. Lesson learned - Footman are important.

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what really irks me is that doors and walls do not stop goblins from invading, i walled off my town and some how they were on top of the wall (i built no ladders) and they made it inside my town and killed everyone.
next play thru, i tried building walls with 1 door, and THEY USED THE DOOR just like a villager ! WTF


Maybe goblins aren’t as dumb as we thought…

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All 8 of them spawned pretty much right where the farm was. Nothing I could have done.

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There is really no point at all to have goblins in the game ATM. Sure I didn’t attack them but they still get more very quickly and five of them stealing your food will get you in trouble. I like combat and the CTA feature but in most cases it just doesn’t work. During one attack I had five settlers sleeping in a barrack. They would wake up, stand in combat mode but never leave the hut (dumb or clever).


were you aggressive to the goblins earlier in the playthrough?

They probably came for revenge.

(remember good sir, the game is managed by a GM who reacts to your play style to make it fun for you, if it thought you were aggressive, it gave you a better challenge.)

The devs have stated that even if you dont like combat you should still get basic defenses (a few footmen), and those who wish to play as a barbarian cannot neglect basic needs either.

I’ve played for hours and not had a strike force like that though, you must have been seriously aggressive. And if you didn’t do anything to provoke them, then that is an issue.And if so you can disregard my comment

I do have a tip for dealing with those dastardly thieves though, ok, the idea is that you cut down a forest nearby, and the goblins will focus on stealing that wood, and you can ignore them until they get bolder.

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well perhaps they should instead knock it down, it would buy…some time

keep in mind, they are attracted to your town’s “wealth”… which, by the looks of that massive farm, would entice a good number of goblinzes to stop by… :smile:

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They killed all my settlers. Those hordes are just too much to handle.

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did you have any footmen?

Were you aggressive?
Did you have high wealth?

It all comes into play.

I stated my opinion earlier however.

I’ve never had this problem… even after hours of playing and killing goblin thieves.

You have to realize though, if they took the goblins out, how is Team Radiant suppose to get feedback on what we think?


nor have I had any issues of this sort.

I have been killed by goblins before though, but it was my fault for not having any footmen.

I didn’t have time to get the footmen. It was day two, I was gathering suplies. When I saw the first goblin I turned on the defence mode, but suddenly there appeared to be not one, but five goblins.

aww, you should have ignored the thief for awhile, goblin theiefs are non-aggressive until attacked.But i do admit that they seem to spawn like crazy right now. (the thiefs at least)

The thing is, that atm the goblin brigands can be ridiculously strong.
When looking at the files, we can see that the goblin thief can have a strength ranging from 0 to 25. The goblin brigands however, can have a strength ranging from 22 to 500.
So if you are unlucky and they have a strength near 500, you are basically screwed.

The brigands need to be balanced quite a bit.

Question to this point is how is it a bug? because the farm is very big so you had enough net worth for goblins to attack. so is this a bug or just a i died by 8 goblin mob

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wow, I didn’t even notice this was filed as a bug… yeah, I would think this falls under the suggestion category… thanks!