Goblins in Town! Wonder what they'll do?


Friggin Nothing.

I’ve been seeing this trio of goblins just wander around town. You’d think that;

  1. My group of 5 lvl 6 ashigaru (essentially the patrolmen) would have absolutely obliterated those little green dudes.
  2. They’d have stolen something and promptly left.

Neither has happened. And my town guard literally wander alongside and never attack them (even when I command them to).

Is this a regular event? FYI I still haven’t beaten the first chieftain (I think… It was the one with Bluebell).

Continuation: I had originally thought this was the ‘Chase Scene’ quest. As one of the goblins would always be a fair distance away from the other two. That was not the case.

I also put this under modding under the assumption that one of my mods may have caused this problem and that one of you guys would have known which ones were the likely culprits.

can you manually sick your soldiers on them? (select the combat party, tell them to attack near the goblins?)

I said in my original post that the soldiers simply would not attack the goblins even when I did try to command them to.

They would just go from their camp to my town and then back without doing anything.

Another thing I should add is that none of the goblins would attack any of my settlers even when they come into range (soldier or not).

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Sounds like you are not hostile to them. Have you already read the bulletin from the goblin campaign? Or did you fulfill their request?

Pics? You know, pics or it didn’t happen hehehe

When you select a goblin is the outline around the creature red or tan? If it’s red then it’s a hostile mob that you should be able to attack. If it’s tan, then everything is working as intended. You can tell fighting folk to attack neutral mobs all you want and nothing happens. As to why they’d be neutral, I have no idea.