Pacifist approach?

I know you can make peace with the goblins and the longest streak I have gotten (in different goblin settlements) is 3… I wish there was a separate campaign for a peaceful approach in Ogo and the Kobolds and the ogres… Idk sounds like it would be more of a challenge to come up with their demands and eventually getting the gongs/ peaceful version of them.


Oh yes this is brilliant idea!
I like it really much. Keeping up with the demands are kinda hard, especially when it’s somewhat randomized. Like- suddenly they want 5 iron bars when I don’t even have a blacksmith?!

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Yeah I wouldn’t mind that for the campaigns.

Since I am not completely pacifist, I like being attacked here and there; as gives me reason to make fortifications and soldiers. Although I don’t really make all that many, and stick with a minimum. So in essence my combat score is lower than some.

In one way I am kind of glad that my Town of Sorenia was from A14, as the goblin campaign got stuck on peaceful. As in sure the cheiftan said he was going to leave, but never left. lol (bug granted, and probably will not happen with a new game in the current version; I just in a manner of speaking lucked out with my longest standing town).

But yes it would be nice to have the peaceful route more fleshed out, as I like having the goblins around in a peaceful manner. Maybe eventually one will just stay and be permanent neighbor without demanding materials, like my campaign glitched town.

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Yeah there needs to be a days remaining and maybe eventually you can demand stuff of your own. Or maybe gaining goblin settlers

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Goblin settlers? I honestly just want to play as a goblin village at some point, it’d be quirky fun~

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