Peaceful mode request

As per the title, I think we’re starting to get to the stage soon* where those goblins are a real nuisance when it comes to testing things. At the moment, I tend to find myself trying to roll maps with small, heavily-forested hills to live on so that I can test things in peace (though this doesn’t work that well for trappers, obviously)… being able to turn off the goblin raids so that I can test without worrying about deaths (or industrial-scale theft) would be quite handy.

Ideally, something like Minecraft’s difficulty settings would be implemented in an upcoming alpha build (ie, Peaceful - Easy - Normal - Hard). As I recall this is a plan for the game anyway :slight_smile: .

*It’s not a big deal now, but the more complex the non-combat side of the game gets, the more testing will be required.


Definitely do want to implement this! Until we get to it, here are a few options for testing:

  • remove linear_combat from the service creation array in stonehearth_server.lua
  • if you never make a footman, and you never kill the goblin thief, all he’ll do is steal wood every now and then. No brigands will come to kill your guys.

Hello sdee. :slight_smile:

Could you have some help? I cant really find the stonehearth_server.lua file :frowning: I try the Steam folder but i could not find anything… the same goes with the AppData of the game (didnt find it at all)

Where is that file? For now i just want to make a nice city hehe

Awesome work by the way, patch 4 is awesome x]

To get to it you have to unzip the stonehearth.smod (rename it to You also have to recompile the decompiled lua; check in some of the modding threads for more details.


Hehe thx <3 Already doing some cool stuff XD Really awesome that you can mod so easily in Stonehearth :smiley:

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