Toggle between normal and peaceful game?

As I understand it, Stonehearth is a sandbox game that lets you design your own adventures. Would it be possible to add or remove the goblin spawns mid-game? Especially after ‘finishing’ a nice and peaceful town, at some point I’m ready to accept a challenge!

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hey there @Sander … welcome aboard! :smile:

I haven’t the foggiest idea what impact this would have on the AI storyteller, but I love the idea of being able to change your mind between the scenarios… you could have the situation where you try a new settlement layout, and want to test its worth against a goblin attack…

you take a beating, resume peaceful mode, rebuild and re-outfit your settlement… then go for round two! would make for some interesting “test scenarios”… :wink:


One possibility I’ve seen through the Age of Empires series is what’s known as ‘Treaty’ mode–essentially, players are able to build and create units, but no hostile actions can be taken until an allotted time passes. Perhaps this could be another game mode in Stonehearth, although the hostile actions would extend to enemies setting up camps or invading. There’s a lot of untapped potential in the Game Master that we’ll hopefully start seeing later this year.


Thanks for the warm welcome Steve! Although I’m not a programmer, I tried to bring up something with low impact. :wink: I guessed the AI storyteller could just run ‘in the background’ in peaceful mode and would become active in normal mode. It looked like just a yes/no trigger to me. :smile:

Also, testing a play style didn’t even cross my mind yet, but would be great indeed!


That’s a pretty cool idea… Though the game might be a little too easy at that point, the suggestion is better for some players who just want to relax. :smile:

I’ve been thinking about that as well FerretBandit, but actually I figured that it might even be harder if you switch to combat after some hours of peace. If the game has scaled up in the background and suddenly throws 8 goblins at you, your level 1 footmen will have a really hard time!

Maybe there will be a class that crafts training dummies?

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It sounds like you are talking about a survival mode nudge nudge.