Startagic AI ,another villages. I am just a question

I saw the game and it is exciting. but I love sandbox games and I want to ask what is the chance for AI that will be against the player as a system and not just random monsters and camps. In other words one or more AI that will build a town.
I am just a question

they have plans on implementing Stonehearth with your friends, either cooperatively within the same city, or independently building your own cities within the same game.

Stonehearth Development Roadmap

But the games take a long time, it is important to have a player option inhumane, because it remains with you until the end …

kindly explain…

remember, Stonehealth is still in Alpha.
Radiant is not as big as EA or any other leading game companies. (just an assumption)
so it will take time. plus, it’s fun to watch something grow and realize you are part of that.

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I guess @sarel is trying to convey that a non-human AI-player (“player option inhumane”) would be nice to fill in the time gaps when your friends aren’t available, because compared to an RTS a single game in Stonehearth can take many, many hours (“game takes a long time”).

I see. I get it now. Thanks @SachielMF. :slight_smile:
I can’t speak on behalf of Radiant 'cuz I’m not part of the devs. Just a part of this community.
All I can say is that after playing Stonehearth for a long time, I think it still has a long way to go before tackling that kind of problem.

Sorry for my english. This is just an opinion/assumption. Please don’t take it too personally/seriously. @Radiant please don’t sue me. :sweat_smile:

you sould sue google translation. usely I Passing on what he writes and corrects and this time I was had to go.
I want to take part at more strategic mode, because usually most of the mods (and the AI) are a bit disappointing.
thanks a lot/