Why I Think Multiplayer Would help Stonehearth

HI I play a lot of city builders and one thing I notice is there no co-op building or Exploring other players town as a towne

Try and take a deeper look into the discourse and you will find more information to your thoughts :merry:

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What is one reason you want multiplayer for Stonehearth? Like you, I have been asking for this feature for a while, but the devs need our input as to how to implement multiplayer. The other thing to know is that the devs have basically stated they won’t be working on multiplayer for a while. Personally, I’m very saddened by this as I’m just not that interested in playing Stonehearth anymore without some major content or a chance at playing with friends, but I understand their decision. One very compelling reason is that they would have to implement and test changes in an entirely different build (singleplayer AND multiplayer), and I get why they want to avoid that. I would still love to see a multiplayer feature even if it lagged behind in features, though.

It’s still up in the air how long they will wait before they’re ready to implement it, but I’m thinking a year at absolute minimum before they even consider it, maybe two years minimum. Until then, all we can really do is talk about why multiplayer is important to us, and hope that they eventually get around to building it.