We love it, but why?

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with all of you. I’m really enjoying the game so far even though it’s an alpha and not all of the features have been implemented.

What I like most of it is the art style, colorful voxel style. I also love the idea of the game. Town management with RPG features, I think there will be endless possibilities to play this game and it will not get boring easily. And the feature I’m awaiting most is the multiplayer. Being able to build a city with your friends sounds great.

I would like to know why you like Stonehearth.


Ruthlessly slaughtering goblins, cackling evilly as the children of my settlers die, !testing!- wait. sorry, I’m going a bit Geoffers on you! :wink:

I love the voxel style as well, but what really intruiges me is the core game mechanics. How will farming techniques be implemented? (I’ve already thought about soil fertility, erosion, and the nitrogen cycle but I doubt Stonehearth mechanics will be that indepth.) Other things: Mining, Sickness, Water Mechanics and of course monsters!

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welcome aboard @TRJ! :smile:

for me, the art-style drew me in initially… the blending of my favorite genres and gameplay mechanics was key as well…

then, of course, we got to know the lovely team behind the game, and I was all in at that point… then there’s my getting to room with @Geoffers747, which is just the icing on the cake… :smile:

p.s. don’t we have a “why I love SH” thread? I couldn’t find one…

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Would have to be the concept. Something that I’ve been wanting for a long while. An easier to get the hang of Civilization Sim Game. It doesn’t hurt that it allows you to design your town from the ground up either.

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I guess the most similar thread would be this one?

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brilliant! that’s the one i was vaguely recalling… :smile:

does it seem similar enough for a merge? it sorta does to me… :confused:

Not to me. I can love Stonehearth because my sheep pet is named Stonehearth. But that is a rather curious reason for you to buy the game.

For me it is the sum of building a city stone for stone without the need to place them one by one. The fact you don’t have to micro the people. The cute look of the game. The relative easy modding. The lovely nostalgic music.
And to avoid the punishment with the hose @SteveAdamo, @Geoffers747 @RepeatPan :angel:


I’ve mentioned it several times, but Stonehearth highly resembles the game Cultures 2 (And its sequels).

Cultures 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and Stonehearth looks like it will be just as good. :thumbsup:

I thought we all agreed not to mention this, lest we call upon the wrath of the Dev’s.


To me, its a game I can play hours on (even without much content atm) and still never be bored or think ive wasted my time on it.

1st I love the awesome art of the game. 2nd why not love such a good game

Well the first thing that caught me was the voxel based look. I love Minecraft and Cube world and thought this couldn’t be bad. It also allows me to have strategy and a builder like Banished. I love the look of it as well, but I just love the game.

I was originally looking for something to get consumed in. I happened to find this so I decided to get involved with the community and to play the beta and help with the development process by purchasing it early, along with other keys for my friends.

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I love RTS sort games and voxel games and Stonehearth looked like it had a LOT of potential on its kick starter. And i do love medieval fantasy stuff ( I know Stonehearth is not all medieval) and i love how how the dev team is active in the community. and prob more stuff that i cant recall lol

Simulation is my favorite genre and it looks like this game will have plenty of it. Because of my love for simulation, I also love RTSs where you don’t micromanage your units but have them act autonomously using their AI and some indirect player input. This is why I loved the original Majesty: A Fantasy Kingdom Sim (and why I thought the sequel failed to live up to the name). Again, this appears to have Stonehearth written all over it.

As I have stated before on these forums, I also love cute things, and Stonehearth’s full of that. It’s got a great style, very charming, very relaxing (at least so far – I will have to reconsider with the combat of the next update of course :))…

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is multiplayer, as well. Personally, I’m still hoping for competitive rather than just cooperative multiplayer. I know that was not explicitly planned, but during the Kickstarter the developers also didn’t quite rule it out, and otherwise perhaps someone will mod it in. Otherwise, cooperative multiplayer will still be good. I imagine I’ll be playing the game with my mother sooner or later.