What are you looking forward to in Stonehearth?

By this I mean,the early stage where you have a few settlers and you have to set up a small village and maybe fend off goblin raids.Or when you have a town and are starting to get higher tier settlers,or when you have a busy city which you have to work hard to keep in check.For me my favorite part of any game is the early stages.But what do you think?

The early stage,Reason? I love the feel of a new leaf.Just knowing that a few settlers are going to grow into a thriving city after a while keeps my loving the early stage.


the early stages as well… as there is always that bit of uncertainty… but for any game to have longevity, it has to keep players engaged as often as possible… im really looking forward to seeing just how expansive my city can become, and how effective i can be at managing all my citizens… :smile:

I like the early stages because I get to explore a new world with new settlers and meet new monsters and traders.

The stages where I’ve got a small village set up with a few guards, knowing that if something truly doesn’t like me, I could be wiped out in the blink of an eye, but I can still fend off the smaller guys. And the fact that I can see my settlers slowly getting more and more happy with their daily lives!

yeah I agrre that it should be fun to see just how big your city can become.For me though the LEAST fun part of almost any game is the middle.But stonehearth isn’t just any game:) .We will see

I like the early stage.

I like the early and really late stages because in the early stages your a bit on edge, every decision does something, and somethings always about to kill you. But in the late stages you can relax a bit, admire your work, and watch the mayhem that you can cause on the guys who used to cause mayhem to you (but, maybe that’s just me :smile:).

The “You know what, it’s still an Alpha but we want to give you guys the oppertunity to start playing early!”-stage :wink:

The very early stage where I’m still exploring and learning about the game, repeats whenever I add a mod. That and the end game where I can fully exploit thing like modding and the engineer for automation, visual coding, and my own most glorious mod idea, HMS. Although it might be mind boggling difficult to make or understand it would be cool to at least me and links to one of the best parts of the game, modding and how fun it should be.

The end stage for sure, I love to see all my work over time build up an amazing empire.

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Early stage is great as you are filled with this uncertainty and wonder about what you could do and what you could encounter.

Then early-mid stage is also an exciting time as you start to see the foundations of your settlement be built and things start falling into place …

I think my excitement for the game means I’m looking forward to every stage ha.

That or you see your settlement slowly burning to the ground (but both are fun right?)

lol very true,seems like most are looking forward to the beginning,hopefully stonehearth will keep us hooked the whole way through.

I’d say i like the early stages as you can keep track of all your settlers as such. You know where you can remember who is doing what and their names and you really bond with your settlers (Not to sound to attached). Also i just really like the fact that you would take things more seriously like - ok i’m going to take these guys and if they get too damaged just retreat were as ok send in the whole fleet. Also this is the stage when you’re making connections with other factions.

The stage im looking forward to is the middle-game. Where all your things start rolling, you make farms, army, smiths, carpenters and they’re all relatively low and you can still choose what your society will be doing. :smiley:

Early stage of the game. their is more risk in the early game you are more likely to fail as apposed to later in the game. Keeping the player on their toes through the whole game will definitely be a hard thing to balance.

sure wiat to be the odd one out.No jk but yeah that could be interesting if they manage to pull it off.

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The stages I’m most excited for are the New Beginnings stages and the All Built Up stages.

All to be honest, starting off always gives me this really cool feeling of not knowing what I’m doing, and in late game I’d really love to build either a empire of a huge castle town.