What are you expecting from Stonehearth?


Just thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone wants from Stoneheath, For instance Im expecting Stonehearth to have all the things that make Dwarf Fortress hard like having you citizens starve to death, go crazy, become vampires etc… while still being an entirely new game. What I want in Stonehearth is to experiance the hardship and and dangers that it takes to make a thriving city (Hardmode Atleast). This may help Team Radiant with their choices about Stonehearth and stuff but mostly I made this thread to because I thought it would be cool to hear what everyone wants from Stonehearth.


I want everything that you just said and the ability to use steam and primitive electricity, maybe as the difficulty increases, you unlock more, on medium you can make a coal driven steam pump, but on hard you can make a steam driven train to transport things around your empire/pointlessly large city.


I expect it to function. Everything else can be discovered. If you raise your expectations too high greatness can be missed because you expected more, so I keep mine to the minimum


I think something hardmode like DF would have to be modded in. I don’t think radiant has that kind of attitude. and i’m going to agree with @Pandemic, but i’d like to add to it that i expect it to be fun :slight_smile:


I mentioned that it would probably be best if the Dwarf Fortress hard mode version was just on hard mode


I would like a touch of realism in the game, I know villages can carry stuff, but maybe building a cart or wheelbarrow allows them to carry more, if we can fish, nets catch more than a fishing rod, etc, basically, what I want, is the ability to improve my economy and logistics, without building a million buildings


Maybe the “turn to vampires” bit, yes. But Radiant have already said they want a “hardcore mode” so you can look forward to that :smile:

What I’m expecting from Stonehearth? A game solid enough to keep me wanting to play Vanilla for at least 2 or 3 months solid, and that will always be fun as Vanilla. I also expect mods good enough that I will be happy to branch out a bit. So far, both of those prospects look promising :smile:


Adding onto what @Smith Said, I would like it if there was machines to make things easier, also I’m not sure how mining? or collecting underground resources will work out.


Buildable Statues, mainly ones of @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo


actually, im not expecting anything, as quite honestly (for me), going into the game with an open mind will often make the experience more enjoyable (no preconceived notions, etc.)…

i mean, of course i expect the “big pieces” to be in place (building/crafting), but beyond that, everything is free game (slight pun intended)… :smile:

+2 internet points for best response of the day…


To Build Kingdoms, and Have Adventures!


I’m expecting certain similarities between the examples I always give - Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria, Timber and Stone. But from what we’ve seen so far Stonehearth seems to be more than strong enough to carve out it’s own identity. Just got to keep an open mind with as little expectations as possible and enjoy it when it gets released!

As I’ve expressed before @Smith I’m firmly in the “limit machinery” camp. I know we have the Engineer and it’ll be very interesting to see the uses of that … but the use of machinery shouldn’t render your settlers useless as you’d just not use them for anything!

Edit: Just to clarify, I have nothing against mechanisms and traps and things to improve parts of your settlement.


Day, week, month-long PvP games with hundreds of people building up their civilisations along side each other and fighting for power, looting each other, allying and backstabbing each other. The world forming.

That’s what I’ll play for the most part, but until that comes, I’m satisfied with a fun single-player experience when the beta is out.


As incredible as that would be, I’m not quite sure that that is the place the game will end up as, at least not on that scale.

/end buzzkill


Beta ppl for the win : D
this should be fun


Playable Release! Not beta :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to train you guys early to be saying playable release!


Politically correct Beta! Seriously guys, it’s clear that’s what it actually is as the use of “beta” can be used in a derogatory way to refer to something as not the best so therefore it isn’t politically correct.


I’m just going to refer to December onwards as “The Golden Age” to avoid any confusion or rudeness :stuck_out_tongue:


Well than we’re currently in the Time of the Ancients, in december we’ll progress to the Genesis, July we’ll hit the Golden Age and then some time after that we’ll hit the mythical Era of Mods.

I’m really looking forward to that last one myself.


Same here by and large. Dwarf Fortress came out 7+ years ago, so comparing a new game to that is impossible. I expect a game that will keep me entertained for around 2 weeks. Then I’ll start modding, see where that goes.