I love stonehearth

Hey everybody, I just want to say that I absolutely love this game so much. Stonehearth is my utter most favorite game to play because all it requires of you is your imagination and your story. I have been following this game ever since Alpha 9 and now we are at Alpha 19!! The way the game has developed is incredible.
I need the crew to know that we absolutely love Stonehearth and will forever support you guys!


I like seeing posts like these that are sharing how much people enjoy the game.

Every one of these I see almost makes me forget the spam of “Why doesn’t Stonehearth have multiplayer yet?!” comments.

EDIT: Also, I see you don’t have many posts on discourse. Any feedback you have from playing the game or 5-10mins to report bugs here and there helps make the game even better. I say that without knowledge of if you post on the steam workshop so take it with a grain of salt.

Sharing how much you love the game means a lot. The community here is a real ‘small’ crowd but there’s surely 20-50 or so players that don’t post here for every one that does. Community feedback via bug reporting, suggestions, or just sharing ideas on discourse or during twitch streams helps a lot.:slight_smile:


@Excelsior I echo the sentiment absolutely.

I’ve been around a while now, so it’s easy to overlook how awesome the game is.


It’s far from easy to overlook how awesome the game is.

I think Stonehearth delivers something no other game I play does. It has open world almost unlimited things you can do but the charm of the game is just so great. Whenever I describe stonehearth’s style I’m like “uhh… think Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles chibi-esque style… but voxels.”

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Glad you’re enjoying the game. So am I. Hope the new devs don’t turn the city-building game into a war game. I don’t want to see Hearthlings on fire, or in body bags.

Hey there @Amber_Monk, welcome to the Discourse! I don’t expect that we’ll be seeing Hearthlings on fire, or body bags in the game. Those two ideas were tiny snippets of discussion between two devs in two different streams. The first was one of the first time Richard was seeing the game, and I don’t remember what prompted it initially but there was a discussion about fire, and a joke was made about sheep and Hearthlings on fire. The second comment (body bags) was in regards to how Hearthlings die. Right now they simply “poof” and disappear, ideas were being discussed on how to lessen the suddenness of death - like being “close to death” and needing to be carried to a bed. The body bag comment came up when people asked how a Hearthling would carry a Hearthling.

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Dwarf fortress players will be disappointed :sweat:

personally i think the chance to revive hearthlings should only be available in normal difficulty, and in hard keep “insta-death”, thus keeping hard mode, well, hard.

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I have a lot of hours into the game, including youtube videos of me playing the game. I do not always report bugs, but i will make sure i do from now on


Thank you for playing the game, it really means a lot to all of us. :sparkling_heart:


@sweet so when are you gonna host a stream?


Likely when I’m back from travel. I’ll be out for the next few weeks starting Thursday but afterwards I look forward to chatting with everyone.