My Experience With Stonehearth (and the forum)

Hello! It’s me Kolom! Remember me? Probably not, i have been inactive on the forum for a very long time.
I just wanted to stop by again to say a few things. I started playing Stonehearth when the Alphas where still in single digits. That really isn’t that long ago, but a lot has happened since then. I remember being so exited about being apart of the development of this game, the forums where active; even though the bugs where atrocious, many people had clever little solutions to get around them, and the devs seemed to be actively ridding the game of said bugs. The forums where just an all around great place filled with suggestions and bug reports, everything a good forum needs. Every single patch, I usually got around an hour or so of gameplay, and I always thought to myself, “Wow, this will be a great game when it comes out fully released!” But I never really got that great of a game experience and simply quit out of boredom. And then at about alpha 12 I stopped playing all together.

Fast Forward to now! Its Alpha 16 and now its time for me to say why I am actually posting this whole thing. I don’t really know and haven’t really checked how often this forum gets posts like these, but Im pretty sure its still filled with the same old suggestions and questions. When i thought to myself, lets check out alpha 16, i started a new village. I can truly say this game is starting to become addicting! ive put a solid 10 hours or so into the game in the past few days! So the ultimate message of this post is just to say good job to the devs. I can see all the hard work, and it is very cool to see where this game is going. Thats it. I wanted to make a post to reassure the devs and mods of the forums, that we all appreciate what you are trying to put together.



I havent seen you! Ever! :smiley:

But i must agree, i once was a bit bored of playing so i turned to modding, which i’m still working on, and after the combat expansion, man, it has became sooooo much more fun to play stonehearth than it use to

I have some other games, like the witcher that i want to finish, so i’m not actuvely playing at the moment, but i know i’ll have a good time if i chose to

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Stonehearth has really grown a lot, which is one of the reasons I’ve been trying to push streaming it as much as possible and being as active on the forums as much as possible while I play the game. I love the devs and I absolutely love this game. They give it their all and I figure I’ll give it my all to help as well \o/ Also, welcome back to the forums and the best game ever :smiley:

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