Playing Stonehearth again - Welcome Back

Not sure if anyone remembers me as I wasn’t a terribly vocal person on the forums. I was active for a while and then I decided to “forget” about this game and let it develop. My last post on the forums was in 2014 and that’s probably about the last time I played Stonehearth. While I’m a bit disappointed that the game isn’t complete I played it again recently which made me want to come back on the forums.

I would love to review the game here but I’ll do that on Steam to show my support. The progress made, while slow, is very good to see. I backed a few Kickstarters when Stonehearth came around and I still believe this is the most promising and most fulfilling project I’ve backed.

Sorry for the odd post, but I felt compelled to come back and say “good job, keep it up”. On a side note does the team still stream regularly?

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Not quite as much as they used to, but there’s a stream every Thursday (except for a few times when it’s cancelled or started earlier) at 6pm PST, different members of the team hosting every week.

Before you fully write a review, which by all means I completely endorse, I suggest you play a few hours, as well as watch a few of the dev streams. A LOT has changed since you last played, both in game and here on the boards.

I 100% agree. I want to make it to a nice size town with both Raya and the Ascendancy before writing anything. I’ve seen some of the bug complaints so I want to test those as well for my system config.