Feedback after coming back around to Stonehearth

It’s been several months and I just recently started up a new game; relearning all the old features and the new. Also, messing with the mods since the last time I played they weren’t available through Steam! :rofl:

While a lot of the AI and system in general I feel is a bit better, there are still some things that need to be addressed. I don’t know what it is exactly but it feels like it’s still not running as streamlined as it could be; items are not making it into chests or being ignored altogether, some containers not even being used/registered, pets and Hearthlings can’t find food when there are plenty available, chickens overtaking my town even though I only made a space small enough for 2 at a time (literally 20-30 chickens and 30+ fertilized eggs and none of my Hearthlings would pick them up, took me an hour and a half just to deal with that and destroy egg items).

So overall it’s still an amazingly sweet little game but “chaotic mess” still comes to mind. I’ll keep on trying things out on my end but I hope to see great things in the future! :blush: