Show me videos of you playing stonehearth!

hey guys i was so existed about the alpha release i made a video and it got me thinking, it would be fun to see you guys playing too. Just to see if we share the same bug problem, thoughts on the game and ideas we would like to see happen!

if your not the type to make videos NO WORRIES you can still get involved by telling me about you Stonehearth experience!

Heres my video and im planning on making many more to come as Stonehearth grows and develops

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it really helps me out :slight_smile:


The reason it crashed at the end was because the structure wasn’t in a single terrain tile; if you try to build it across terrain tiles the game crashes right now! F1 let’s you see the terrain tiles :smiley:

also, here’s my video!

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thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

thank you for you help and i love your intro made me laugh!
ive liked your video its fantastic!

can wait to see what others are up to :slight_smile:

i’ve done a part 2 as it crashed the first time lol

if you enjoy the video don’t forget to bash the like button, comment and subscribe.
it really helps me out :smiley:

I’ve got one of these right here…


haha thanks! agreed, I’m certainly liking this so far, can’t wait to see how it develops

I made two videos so far, first one had much more bugs but mainly because I kept clicking everywhere. XD


Here are my videos.


fantastic! its great to see so many videos!
i’m so hyped for this game and its so good to see others shearing my excitement
thank you

excellent! your accent is awesome! keep uploading they are very entertaining!
i’ve subed sub your channel

i actually found these videos very helpful thank you!
and your intro is very interesting good videos Skull24

i’m impressed by the amount of videos you guys are making! i feel this is really helping to spread the word about Stonehearth.

keep up the good work and keep sending me videos!

Thanks man! I hope to bring even better videos later with mod spotlights and pvp games on servers and similar! Can’t wait for updates!

i’m looking forward to them ^^

here’s some over on curse that you all may not have seen… i know @Skull24’s videos are there, and i’ve posted one of @Petard’s i believe…

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Awesome thanks man! I tried to visit the forum yesterday but I guess Curse forums don’t like Opera… Good thing I use 3 browsers regularly (bless web development)

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Thank you for watching them.

This is my polish Let’s Play Stonehearth: