Introduction to Stonehearth


I went ahead and made a video about how Stonehearth is in Alpha so far. Here’s my introduction to Stonehearth! :smile: Enjoy!


excellent! i’ll give this a watch now! :smile:

i love all these videos folks are putting together… :+1:


Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. I am a bit random when I ramble haha.


@Maeka i was wondering why i haven’t seen you on the forums before. YOU’RE NEW @steve you slippin up ?
Anyways a warm welcome and a great video, Hope you enjoy the forums


Eh been following Stonehearth for a while but finally made an account on the forums. So yeah, new to the forums but not to Stonehearth. :smiley: Thanks again!


yes i did that as well. Nonetheless welcome and hope there will be a Stonehearth lets play series or tips and tricks from you :smiley: keep it up


Yeah as things get fixed I plan on streaming and making more videos. Can’t for when I can get past my people getting stuck and giving up on building things haha.


@Maeka use wall loops to create your own house of your own design but not too complicated


Thanks for the suggestion @Gridnick


@Maeka Love the video, you are very good at this! Everyone builds everything in the open. When I saw you building near walls and corners, I was like ‘Yes. Someone who understands me!’

Great work, keep at it! :slight_smile:


Haha yeah I like building close to walls and stuff to shape my town. My fences would have gone around each building and go against the wall. :smiley:


Nice job, Mae. Can’t wait to plaaaaay with you.


Nice video, really like it. @Maeka

Anyway, great work. Keep it up. :smile: