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Just wanted to introduce myself prior to posting any content. I am fairly new to YouTube and Twitch, but have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my gaming experiences with my followers and subscribers. I hope to continue to grow as a content provider and continue sharing my journey through video games. If you have time check it out and give me a like or sub.



Stonehearth Episodes


I watched some of your vids. It was interesting to see what a fairly novice player does in the recent build of the game. I realize now that there are alot of ins and outs to the game that can take plenty of time to learn about.

Have fun learning more about the game!


I appreciate you watching the videos. I am pretty novice when it comes to the game itself, but I realize I have quite a bit to learn still. I am an avid builder in most sandbox games, but as you could see I kept it really simple by using the templates for the sake of just showing off the game some.

I will continue to play it and plan to stream it some on Twitch also.

Appreciate the view!


Speak a bit louder and clearer mate. Good series just have confidence in yourself… Throw a little bit of humor in there. Keep your watchers engaged :slight_smile:


Will do. I appreciate the input. My mic is pretty poor quality so getting a new one soon so that should help with the clarity and quality. I will definitely throw more humor in there. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


Just posted a new episode last night. I plan to start doing some custom building and will do some episodes on that.