[YouTube] My Stonehearth Adventure

It’s been a while since I’ve played Stonehearth, probably Alpha 10 or something so when I decided to do some Lets Plays for my YouTube Channel I just had to do a Stonehearth Lets Play.

Do you have suggestions or tips to improve, let me know!

[MrWahloh plays Stonehearth Alpha 15 - Playlist]

[MrWahloh plays Stonehearth Alpha 16 - Playlist]

[MrWahloh plays Stonehearth Alpha 17 - Playlist]

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I am watching it right now.

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Your voice sounds like Emperor Palpatine from star wars when you get loud, lol.

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When you go to settings their will be a tab called game play and in it you can change the maximum number of hearthlings but it does come with the problem of slower gameplay sometimes when you have to many people. Their is also a setting to allow you to speed up in the same section what you do is you enable the 3 times fast forward setting and then you press F5 to refresh your hud and you can click in the bottom right to make the game go in 3 times speed (the music stays at normal speed)

Also for scaffolding problems or other problems do ctrl+c and type help and it give you a list of commands and my favorite one is destroy for scaffolding it deletes the scaffolding but MAKE SURE you select the scaffolding.

I might already have a YouTube problem, but I will gladly add more Stonehearth to my ever growing “Watch Later” list! :smiley:

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Grain takes to long. On the start i allwaus go 2x “11x11” farms. With turnip. But ivsee you got tons of berry bushes. Thats enough for prox 15 hearthlings

I have only one youtuber that i know that plays stonehearth now i have one more Thanks

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I might need to change some of my fields later on anyway, otherwise I won’t have enough to make stew.

I’ve got a couple episodes made already that are launching daily but I’ve noticed that you can’t really do much in 20 minutes of gameplay, half the time you’re waiting for the hearthlings to finish their jobs. Hopefully it’ll be enjoyable enough to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

So i have just seen you video and your rigth you are a littel bit rusti but other then that no problems. i liked it

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keep up the good work rookie :wink:


Part four of the series and a short video about designing custom buildings, I forgot to post those here.

Today I’ll release part five, in that video I’ll start over with all the knowledge that I’ve gathered!

@ episode 4: Heh. Totally. i was allready in Ep1 like… click build on that house man :slight_smile: but ok
Did you know you can place Benches? under the house tab. Place items. Just like lanterns and such

Haha, yeah that build-button was stupid. Yes, I know how to place things like benches. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve got that all covered in the next part, which is basically a completely fresh start, a way better start as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y. Nice i streamed twitch a little. Twitch but im not much of a talker. =)

Ps, ur Dutch like me are u not?

Yup, I am. :slight_smile:

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Hehe. nice new fresh start.
I keep watching untill you tell people in the vid you took my wise advise :stuck_out_tongue:

as i see your crops are getting quick food. You’ll see you get quick low amount of workers as you need people to do the jobs :stuck_out_tongue: The more houses you make to increase more net worth the easier you get more hearthlings most likely. I’d like to make some nice towns with architecture and own gardens and such. Pickin up herbs and replace them for some good looking flowerbeds :slight_smile:

Lookin forward to see some more vids :slight_smile: cant wait to multiplayer together.


man, i really need to start watching this series, watched the first episode and then got distracted and forgot about it :neutral_face:

Haha, no worries, it’ll be there for all eternity. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, I hope everyone enjoys it, it’s a lot of fun to make!