New Channel, New Series, New Video

Hi all,

I’ve just started a new YouTube channel, featuring none other than Stonehearth as my first game of choice.

It’s a let’s play/gameplay style series, which will probably look like all the rest, but also be a start of something great! I’ll be trying to showcase any new features as and when they get added, and would really appreciate any Hearthling love and likes, and comments if you have a spare few minutes please.

Any help getting views of Stonehearth and helps spread the word is all good in my eyes.
Thanks in advance.

Episode 02 is now up on the 'Tubes…If you get a chance, please take a look.

Episode 03 finally here…it’s been a while. Sincere apologies.

Appreciate any views, comments and subs :smiley:

Whooops…forgot to send updates for new episodes.

Well, anyways…here’s Episode 05

Stonehearth Alpha 18 Ep05

Really appreciate any views, likes or comments…but then I guess I’m not showing you all anything new as we all play it here anyway :slight_smile: Well, if you do have a spare few minutes please do take a look.

Thank you.