YouTube Let's build series

Hey guys, I’ve finally started a YouTube lets build series, I’ll be uploading at least once a week with new builds but hopefully I’ll upload every 2 - 3 days with new builds. I’d appreciate any kind of feed back to make my content better. I’ve really enjoyed making this video and want to continue making Stonehearth video’s for a very long long time :smile:

If you liked this video a like would help me hugely and a subscribe would be amazing :smile:
I promise to upload at least once a week but will try my best to get content out around 2 / 3 times a week :smile:

Hope you enjoy



Hey everyone!

Happy New year, Well it will be in a few hours at least! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made and uploaded Episode 2, This episode was made for new years, I made a pub, As who doesn’t want a drink to toast the new year? :smile:

I’m looking at uploading a 3rd video tomorrow, If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what you’d like me to build next feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks and hope you enjoy episode 2 :smile:


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Great job! :smile: When the game is at a good stage, you should also do a let’s play.

Thank you so much, :smiley: I’ve been thinking about a survival type of series but a Let’s play sounds amazing, I’ll be sure to create a Let’s play series in the near future. Thank you for the idea I love it :smile:

No problem! I subbed. :wink:

Thank you, That means a lot I appreciate the support :smile:

I hope radiant allow for a way to hide the UI so we can create better cinematic style videos for stuff like this.


I would love to see that too! Maybe a suggestion (If not already suggested) The TBD button could work as a way to hide the UI, So instead of it popping up when you click on it, It could say Notifications on - off, And have a longer type of chat list where citizens say things. Just an Idea but I’d love to have the option to either hide it or turn it off and on :stuck_out_tongue:

I strongly recommend build a stockpile next to your builds so your builders could drop excess blocks, like woods from scaffolding, stone or wood from the floor. and get then to build more quickly


Thank you for the suggestion :smile: I’ll be sure to add stockpiles closer to the builds next time, I noticed in my last episode I needed to improve upon the speed they gather materials, Glad it wasn’t just me Thanks for the feed back. it’s greatly appreciated.

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another thing, i know that is hard, but try to show more of the interior, it passes so quickly that i have to pause to look at the details

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Yeah that is planned for future video’s, Currently I was looking at making part 2 of some of the video’s to show the design side of it all, But from this point I’ll probably be adding the interior design to all the future video’s! I intend of editing them a lot more too, Thanks for taking the time to help improve the content, It means a lot :smile:

Hey guys! I made my first Alpha 8 Video today, I’ve been playing it a lot, But due to some issues I couldn’t make video’s (work, And some recording issues). However After spending a lot on a whole new set-up and finding new recording software, I can now bring a load more content, And finally in 1080p. Hope you guys like, I’ve made the improvements to this video that where listed above. If you think I can improve in other ways please let me know, Thanks :smile:

Also, If you’d like me to attempt building anything at all, Just write it below and I’ll give my best shot at it!

So after a long time of not updating anything here about my Youtube channel I thought It was worth brining this thread back to life every so often!

I’ve posted a few video’s over the past few months. Nothing consistent sadly. So from now on, I’m heading for one build every Sunday to be uploaded on the channel. As of right now I’m trying to give the channel a better presentation and name. I’ve changed the name to The Hearthling Architect I never was good at names, Don’t know what you guys think of that name haha.

I’ll be getting a new mic in the future and I’m currently practising commentary (Not being a confident person it’s hard to sound confident on a mic) And I’ll be doing a Let’s play series where I build as much as possible. But that’ll come around Alpha 11. (the main goal of that series will be to try and fill the entire world)

So as of right now I have 2 series going -

Let’s Build episodes and The Build.

  • Let’s build - I design sturctures and show the hearthlings building and finished build.
  • The build - Is pretty much Buildings I’ve done already but want to show them to the Youtube community.

I’m not the best editor in the world (pretty bad actually) But as of right now I’m trying to improve with my editing style and just giving my channel a new design and hopefully bringing it back to life!

So let me know what you guys think of the new YouTube name. Would you guys like to see me do series with a mic and survive as long as possible? And a Series where We see how much of the world we could fill?

Here’s my channel if you guys wanna check it out:

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Hey everybody, Today I finally uploaded my first Video using a microphone! I’m honestly Not sure how I sound, So I hope I don’t sound to terrible! Also not really being used to this I probably need to improve quite a bit, But yeah here it is!

Hope you enjoy, Let me know what you guys think!

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