Stoneheartfan's Let's Play Series

Hey everyone, I have a thread dedicated to my YouTube channel already, But seeing as that was dedicated to let’s build episodes I thought I’d dedicate a new updated thread for all my let’s play series so it doesn’t conflict with 2 different series,

Today I started a new world on Alpha 10, And decided to put a twist on it, I played in survival and made my own little rule up where I call it Hardcore Survival, If one hearthling dies, the series is over and we need to start a new world!

I’m starting to be a lot more confident on the mic, But still require some improvments, Also it recorded quietly for some reason, Sorry about that, But I hope you enjoy :smile:

Today We start a completely new world, And start a fight against the evil that is known as Zombies and goblins! Can we win this fight?

I’ve just uploaded Episode 2 of the Hardcore Survival challenge! Today we fight against the zombies, Can we win?

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Today during Recording I decided to bring back my let’s build episodes after almost 2 months, We started re-building the Church in a project world I was working on. Although I only just picked up on some more sound issues, (Recorded very fussy background noise) I hope you guys don’t find it to bad.

Tomorrow will be episode 2 of survival, Hope you enjoy :wink:

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I don’t often post my content from youtube here but thought as It was lasted updated 23 days ago I’d post my most recent video here!

Today we fight all covers Including ghosts…

I don’t know where the mouse went or when it will come back but I hope you enjoy :wink:


Episode 3 of West Friend has now been uploaded!

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